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MalwareByte Says It Has Discovered a New Virus Infecting MacOS

Despite a short period of time after Apple released its latest security update, security research and software company MalwareByte discovered a malicious software that was impacting MacOS. It is said that 2017 did not start very well for MacOS users. Because after 2017, a malicious software was discovered that followed the new MacOS update in less than a month! MacOS, the operating system that Apple identifies as the most secured OS for personal computers ever, has been exposed to a situation that could knock its secure image over the past few days. The discovered virus uses a security flaw in the MacOS and can do all the spying activities you can imagine. So, do not always keep a [...]

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Bad news from Sony; It halts Android 7.0 Nougat update for some models

Sony has started to roll out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for Xperia Z5 series recently, but according to user reports, the company stopped updating all previous flagship models and downgraded the already updated models back.

The problem might be bigger than we think

Sony, along with the Xperia Z5 series, will soon be up to speed on the Xperia Z3 + and Xperia Z4 Tablet models. According to the information from the users, all update activity was stopped and the update files were withdrawn from the servers. It is not known why Sony made such a decision, but the withdrawal of the full deployment is undoubtedly also upsetting for users. At this point, only the flagship [...]

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Sennheiser HD 630VB Review

With the enthusiasm of Sennheiser capturing the perfect sound, the HD630 VB offers the ultimate sound quality that audiophiles love. The Sennheiser HD 630VB makes a difference with its high sound quality, durable aluminum body, and foldable structure that makes it easy to carry, bass control on the headphones and use with all kinds of devices and environments. Thanks to its wide frequency range, low impedance value and ear shaping structure, the HD 630VB is one of the top headphones.

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Bacteria use electricity to communicate with other species

New research in the field of microorganisms has revealed that bacteria are much more advanced organisms than we thought before. Up to now, research has shown that bacteria can communicate via chemical signals through their quorum sensing capabilities. Bacteria who communicate with their own species using this personal language can coordinate their attacks or advocacy on this issue.

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Security flaws have been discovered in Samsung security cameras

Security cameras are of great importance to prevent incidents such as theft and to ensure safety by monitoring a specific area. The safety cameras developed by Samsung is coming to light with its security problems and vulnerabilities.

Samsung’s security camera named The SmartCam HD Plus, which was released silently to the market in late 2015, has ensured its users and customers that it offers ultimate security. Now it turns out to have a significant security flaw. As a matter of fact, it is possible to access the root directory of the camera without admin level permission and control all features including turning it on/off and monitoring the area. Samsung, which has [...]

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Sony’s new projector makes everything touchable

One of the most innovative projects that Sony introduced at the CES 2017, consumer electronics fair attracted a great deal of attention from visitors and tech enthusiasts, The projector, called “Concept Prototype T” has a very strong laser light source, can also monitor hand movements with the camera on it. You may ask yourself what’s the point of it. It is very important because you can recognize the shapes on the objects placed under this special camera and digitize them (digitalization) instantly on a surface you like a book or desk.

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