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1610Top 5 BEST Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
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PS4 Pro Gets Updated with the 4K Media Support

PS4 Pro allowed its users to play games and stream 4K videos through content platforms like Netflix and Youtube, but you never had the chance to play your own 4K videos, well, until today.

Sony’s PS4 Pro media player update allows you to watch 4K videos that are recorded by you. These files need to be saved in MP4 format, but you can play them from a USB drive or from a media server on your home network. If you have both PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR headsets, it is possible to watch 4K VR videos in 3D.

Still, we need to add that unlike the Xbox One S, PS4 Pro still doesn’t *fully* support 4K media content. For example you still can’t watch 4K Blu-ray [...]

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Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car

According to analysts from US leading investment bank Morgan Stanley, Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car thanks to active security hardware and software.

On the eve of serial production of the new Tesla Model 3, rumors and predictions about the bright future of the company keeps coming

In the past month, Goldman Sachs, one of the leading investment banks in the US, has stated that the company will not be able to sell its Model 3 on the dates previously mentioned and the company shares will drop around 30 percent, but another leading investment bank, Morgan Stanley states that the new Tesla Model 3 has a very bright future and it can completely [...]

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Sonos Play:3 Review; Expensive, Small and Loud

This is the second wireless speaker product in the Sonos product line after Play:1 with a price tag of $300. It costs and takes up less space than the next Sonos speaker Play:5

As you can already see in the pictures above, it’s a pretty elegant speaker that comes in 2 colors; White and black. The device itself can be laid down horizontally or place vertically in case you don’t have enough space. Whatever your decision may be, the built-in sensors inside the device detects its position and adjust itself to stereo or mono mode for the best music and movie experience. It’s also very helpful because any Sonos products including Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, [...]

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Sonos Playbar Review; Probably the best wireless soundbar of all time

— UPDATE — New Sonos Playbase is coming out on the forth of April, you should probably look into the Sonos’ latest product Playbase which can be defined as the new generation Playbar with much better sound quality, design, and streaming experience. The good thing is, it lays underneath your television so you can both save some space and get a better-looking home theater design.

Read our full Sonos Playbase review here

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Top 2 Activity Tracker Smart Watches of 2017

Activity trackers and activity band have been improving lately to not only be appealing to fitness enthusiasts but making a product that general public would enjoy using.

There’re too many companies dominating the fitness watch and wearables industry, but only 2 of them are dominating the market both in terms of experience and features.


2. Fitbit Blaze

With the retail price tag of 200 dollars, this is one of the best activity trackers you can get at the very moment. It has a good battery life and lasts more than 6 days. The touch screen of the Blaze is detachable from the bezel ring. So you can attach it to different color and model [...]

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Time to Play Nice: What is Social Gaming?

If it was possible to define the whole of the 2016 gaming industry in just a few words, things like “Bitcoin”, “virtual reality”, and “Pokémon Go” would inevitably take the podium. In 2017 though, the world is likely to see the resurgence of an old buzzword from the mountain of terms already out there, the strange and confusing world of “social gaming”. But what is it? Is the world facing another glut of Facebook shovelware or is something more complex about to happen?

Social Casino

The problem with the concept of social gaming is that, today, it describes just about anything, from a regular poker night or a Dungeons and Dragons game to a shouting match on Overwatch – [...]

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