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July 29, 2016

Brand New Design and More Accuracy from Zepp Labs

Nearly two years ago, Zepp Labs, a new startup from California, broke into the sports wearables and swing analyzers market with a simple goal in its mind; To improve golf, tennis and baseball players’ game.

Since the beginning, Zepp Labs team is working on the Zepp products non-stop to keep up with the constantly changing and improving market.  Zepp Labs’ new generation swing analyzer Zepp 2 may look just like their very first product Zepp. But, there are few main differences including higher accuracy rate, bug-free software and ability to use the gadget in multiple sports like golf, baseball and tennis.

The most noticeable change of the Zepp is its new [...]

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June 25, 2016

We Reviewed Garmin Approach X40 | A wearable to keep you healty during the play

New wearable golf wristband, Approach X40 has been announced by Garmin. It is the first fitness and health focused golf wearable that combines GPS course, heart rate monitor, and fitness tracking technologies

It has a 1-inch touchscreen monitor on it and looks just like a fitness tracker. So there’s not much deflection from original Garmin smartwatch series.


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Just like any other Garmin wearable, it comes with 40000 preloaded golf courses and its constantly updated software allows you to download new golf courses around the world.

But, Garmin Approach [...]

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May 6, 2016

Securifi Almond Wi-fi Extender is Available for Pre-Order at

According to latest report from Securifi, Almond 3 the router and wi-fi extender is available for pre-orders at and you can get this smart router with $30 discount if you order before the pre-order period expires.

Your Amazon pre-ordered Almond 3 will be shipped in June, which was introduced you in January at CES.

What is and does Securifi Almond 3

Almond 3 is much more than a regular 802.11ac wi-fi extender and router. It has been equipped with ZigBee radio chip and allows you to turn your home into a smart home and you can do whatever you want and control your other internet connected devices from wherever you want.

For example, you can connect your [...]

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