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Amazon Gives the 6. Echo Dot for Free if you Buy 5
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Amazon Gives the 6. Echo Dot for Free if you Buy 5

Yup, it’s right. There’s an unheard last minute deal on Amazon Echo Dot, you can actually get the 6. Echo Dot for free if you buy 5 on Amazon. In order to qualify for the offer, make sure to add 6 Echo Dot into your cart, and use the coupon code “DOT6PACK”, so the 6. one’s price can be reduced from the total amount. Which means, you’ll pay for 5 and get 6. (Both black and white versions are available)

Let’s talk about a bit about Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon is the last company to join the trend of digital assistant which started with Apple’s Siri and continuing with Google Now, S Voice and Cortana.


To briefly mention the Amazon Echo model, Echo with seven microphones, which both prevents noise pollution and can detect voices from any point in the room very clearly, wakes up when you speak out the necessary words and go into the search for the necessary information. The device learns the user’s speech pattern and vocabulary to make more detailed searches and offers.


Because it is not dependent on mobile devices, interaction with the handset takes place over the sound. The device that detects your commands is connected to the internet through WiFi and conducts research and sends you the information you want by voice. By connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth, you can also transfer music from platforms like Spotify and listen to it with high sound quality. With the compatible application you can also set up an alarm or assign different functions to one of the operations.

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Echo Dot vs Echo Top

Echo Dot can still perform functions like its old version Echo Top does, but it does not have a powerful speaker. Just a small speaker for alarm-like sounds. Echo Dot helps to convert more sound systems into Original Echo. That is, by connecting to external audio systems via Bluetooth or cable, user interaction can occur.



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