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Crytek hires a designer for the Istanbul studio

Are the troubles ending?

Crytek, founded in Germany by 3 brothers, is sure going through some hard times. In the past few months, they have shut down 5 of their studios as part of the company’s effort to “refocus on its core strengths” ¹ ² Suffered a humiliating closure and was kicked out of its offices by the building’s owner and paid some employees late month after month.

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Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Discount Saves You $29

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is probably one of the most elegant, beautiful, high tech and comfortable contollers ever made by Microsoft. Sure, it offers customization, next level gaming experience but its high price point has lead people to get different gamepads available on the market. Anyway, the discount provided on Newegg saves you 29 dollars and makes the price a little bit more reasonable.

Right now, on, you can get an Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller for $119.99

That’s nearly the half of the price of a new Xbox One Wireless Controller sold on Amazon or

Even thought it’s not an official discount by [...]

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iGaming: 3 Online Casino Trends To Keep a Close Eye On

Modern iGaming has come on in leaps and bounds compared with the basic online poker rooms and slot games that started gaining global popularity at the start of the millennium. In fact, since then, the industry has grown exponentially in both size and value year after year.

According to recent forecasts from Statista, the total value of the online gaming market will reach $50.65 billion by the end of 2017. That’s more than 10% growth on the previous year ($45.86 billion), a truly remarkable increase in such a short space of time – and the market doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Such consistent growth within the iGaming market has attracted [...]

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Play Tomb Raider on Your Browser

We all know of the adventures of Lara Croft, one of the oldest and most popular female heroes of the gaming world. Although the revamped game series is quite successful, we, game lovers still has different and deeper feelings for the old version. Especially the first games of the season were really quite successful by time.

A Tomb Raider fan nicknamed as XProger made his own browser based game and named it Open Lara.

Head over here to play the game on your browser and remember the good old days;


Game Controls: Keyboad: move – WASD / arrows, jump – Space, action – E/Ctrl, draw weapon [...]

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