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PS4 Pro Gets Updated with the 4K Media Support

PS4 Pro allowed its users to play games and stream 4K videos through content platforms like Netflix and Youtube, but you never had the chance to play your own 4K videos, well, until today.

Sony’s PS4 Pro media player update allows you to watch 4K videos that are recorded by you. These files need to be saved in MP4 format, but you can play them from a USB drive or from a media server on your home network. If you have both PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR headsets, it is possible to watch 4K VR videos in 3D.

Still, we need to add that unlike the Xbox One S, PS4 Pro still doesn’t *fully* support 4K media content. For example you still can’t watch 4K Blu-ray [...]

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Time to Play Nice: What is Social Gaming?

If it was possible to define the whole of the 2016 gaming industry in just a few words, things like “Bitcoin”, “virtual reality”, and “Pokémon Go” would inevitably take the podium. In 2017 though, the world is likely to see the resurgence of an old buzzword from the mountain of terms already out there, the strange and confusing world of “social gaming”. But what is it? Is the world facing another glut of Facebook shovelware or is something more complex about to happen?

Social Casino

The problem with the concept of social gaming is that, today, it describes just about anything, from a regular poker night or a Dungeons and Dragons game to a shouting match on Overwatch – [...]

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Five Scintillating Mobile Games for Your Lunch Break in 2017

Mobile gaming is big business, and a truly integrated part of modern life. Games such as Pokemon Go, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and thousands more have brought mobile gaming to the modern consciousness in style. Here are five games worthy of your attention during your lunch break from a segment of the gaming industry that indisputably now rules the roost.

The Game Of Thrones Slot

We could have chosen any number of pick-up-and-play games but since Game Of Thrones is one of the most exciting shows on television at the moment, we’ve focused in on this one. If you play the game with Betway, you can enjoy a practice session to check that this is the sort of casino game for you [...]

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Futuristic projector turns all surfaces into touch screen: Xperia Touch

The MWC’17 event continuous to bring new innovations and devices. Sony Future Lab’s futuristic projector announced last year, finally introduced to the market. The new and quite portable projector called Xperia Touch runs on Android iOS and turns every surface to a touch screen.

With multi-touch capability, Xperia Touch can project 23-inch images vertically and horizontally on any surface and can be used as a touchscreen. It actually offers much more than a projector, Xperia Touch can capture motion at 60 frames per second using infrared light technology. You can make Skype conversations with the device and take notes in video format. Since it’s built on [...]

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