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Is Amazon Music a true Spotify alternative? Decide yourself with a free trial

Unlimited music streaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and Amazon seems quite decided to take a big cut of the pie.

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Amazon extends Boxing Day for brands like Kindle, Xbox, Garmin

Yesterday Amazon announced that they will extend the holiday shopping and boxing day deals season for many awesome brands such as Kindle, Xbox, KitchenAid, GoPro, Philips, Garmin, Bowflex, Segway, and more. Well, the time has come and as of now, you can grab your favorite products with discounts up to 70 per cent.

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[Deal of the Day] Buy 5 Amazon Echo Dot, Get One for Free


Use the DOT6PACK coupon code to get your 6. Echo Dot for free on Amazon.

With its attractive and compact design, this new device comes in white or black colors. This built-in loudspeaker also works like an intelligent alarm clock that turns your lights on and off.


What is Echo Dot?

Echo Dot has seven microphone arrays as in Amazon Echo, using beam shaping technology and extended noise suppression in the room to easily detect Alexa, the wake-up word. Amazon says Echo Dot has a stronger speech processor, which improves the accuracy of wide-area speech detection.

Featuring dimensions of 32 x 84 x 84 mm and weight of 163 grams, the [...]

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Amazon Gives the 6. Echo Dot for Free if you Buy 5

Yup, it’s right. There’s an unheard last minute deal on Amazon Echo Dot, you can actuallyget the 6. Echo Dot for free if you buy 5 on Amazon. In order to qualify for the offer, make sure to add 6 Echo Dot into your cart, and use the coupon code “DOT6PACK”, so the 6. one’s price can be reduced from the total amount. Which means, you’ll pay for 5 and get 6. (Both black and white versions are available)

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1100powerbot VR7000 echo dot support

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920Aukey charger amazon discount
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