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Samsung Gear S3 Hands-on Review & Rating

We’ve been using the Samsung Gear S3 for a while and I can easily say that you should definitely give Gear S3 a try if you want to buy a smartwatch and also into analog fashion design.

This new version has full iOS/iPhone support, which was the biggest obstacle that prevented iPhone users from buying a Samsung smartwatch. For this reason, Samsung probably will be able to reach to a wider audience.

Who Should Buy?

Users who are considering buying a smartwatch and looking for a good model in terms of design, usability, and price, can easily choose Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3 Review and Rating;

Samsung takes its smartwatch business very seriously and [...]

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Fire Breaks Out at Samsung’s Battery Factory

The Samsung Group’s battery production partner Samsung SDI has confirmed that a “minor” fire has occurred in the factory.

Photographs going viral on the internet show that the sky is covered with black smoke rising from the building. Samsung SDI official Shin Yong-doo said that the production at Tianjin facilities was not affected by the fire.

Samsung is getting a significant portion of the smartphone batteries from Samsung SDI, and as you will remember, Samsung SDI was one of the major battery suppliers of Galaxy Note 7 and they share the biggest responsibility of the Note 7 fiasco.

He says the fire goes out in the garbage storage, not at the [...]

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Security flaws have been discovered in Samsung security cameras

Security cameras are of great importance to prevent incidents such as theft and to ensure safety by monitoring a specific area. The safety cameras developed by Samsung is coming to light with its security problems and vulnerabilities.

Samsung’s security camera named The SmartCam HD Plus, which was released silently to the market in late 2015, has ensured its users and customers that it offers ultimate security. Now it turns out to have a significant security flaw. As a matter of fact, it is possible to access the root directory of the camera without admin level permission and control all features including turning it on/off and monitoring the area. Samsung, which has [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos Have Just Been Leaked

We probably heard hundreds of unofficial rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and know almost every detail of the device. But now, for the first time working model images and computer renders have been leaked. Following the Samsung Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has sent a company-wide email telling their employees to be much more secretive. But no matter how hard Samsung tries, there are always weak links in the chain.

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