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Getting most out of Zepp Golf 2

We have some good news for those who might be interested in tennis and golf. With the wearable Zepp golf 2 sensor and helper application you can now view a detailed report of the strokes you have made.


Zepp is a small sensor that is placed on the golf glove or on the handle of the tennis racket. This sensor, which can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth, offers useful tips for users to improve their game skills even further (tennis, golf, baseball). In particular, the option of viewing your stroke angle in 3D can make these tips even more valuable.


Zepp has updated Zepp Insights in the past days to make better use of the service provided [...]

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Zepp Golf 2; More than you need

The Zepp golf 2 3d training and review system comes with a sensor, a charger and a clip for the golf club. It can also be used for tennis or baseball.


For tennis, you’re required to purchase a tennis bat mould separately, or you can purchase the tennis kit directly. To use, place the mould on the end of the racket and you’re ready to get instant feedback of forehand and backhand.


It can tell us the shot type but percentages or actual number.


We can also analyze the power of our shots and the breakdown over time.



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How Does Zepp Golf Work


Isn’t it amazing that a tiny device that attaches to your glove can give you all the information you need like swing speed, club speed, hand plane, tempo etc.

Further reading; Zepp Golf 2 Review


Here’s How Zepp works;

First you attach a Zepp’s swing sensor to your golf glove then open it up by pushing its button and make sure it syncs up with the included Zepp smartphone app.

If it’s your first time with Zepp, the app may ask you to calibrate the device and phone. In order to calibrate it, just stand in your normal place and address your normal position with the club. Then you just swing!

And then the system [...]

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Brand New Design and More Accuracy from Zepp Labs

Nearly two years ago, Zepp Labs, a new startup from California, broke into the sports wearables and swing analyzers market with a simple goal in its mind; To improve golf, tennis and baseball players’ game.

Since the beginning, Zepp Labs team is working on the Zepp products non-stop to keep up with the constantly changing and improving market.  Zepp Labs’ new generation swing analyzer Zepp 2 may look just like their very first product Zepp. But, there are few main differences including higher accuracy rate, bug-free software and ability to use the gadget in multiple sports like golf, baseball and tennis.

The most noticeable change of the Zepp is its new [...]

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