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Bacteria use electricity to communicate with other species

New research in the field of microorganisms has revealed that bacteria are much more advanced organisms than we thought before. Up to now, research has shown that bacteria can communicate via chemical signals through their quorum sensing capabilities. Bacteria who communicate with their own species using this personal language can coordinate their attacks or advocacy on this issue.

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Sony’s new projector makes everything touchable

One of the most innovative projects that Sony introduced at the CES 2017, consumer electronics fair attracted a great deal of attention from visitors and tech enthusiasts, The projector, called “Concept Prototype T” has a very strong laser light source, can also monitor hand movements with the camera on it. You may ask yourself what’s the point of it. It is very important because you can recognize the shapes on the objects placed under this special camera and digitize them (digitalization) instantly on a surface you like a book or desk.

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Fasetto Link’s 2TB Wireless SSD is Smaller than a Charger

With the advance of SSD technologies, very tiny devices can offer much faster storage space than previous products.

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This drone carries human

Jetpacks in games and movies have always been interesting to us. The drone technologies company Flyt Aerospace inspired by this and made the very first drone that can also carry a person in it.

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890Top 5 BEST Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
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1100powerbot VR7000 echo dot support

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920Aukey charger amazon discount
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