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We’re a bit closer to worldwide free internet

Google has announced that they have solved one of the technical problems of implementing a project that would deliver free service to areas where the internet could not be reached.

AI will be the solution

The Project Loon team, working on the project’s Google X research department, announced that the machine learning method has made it possible to predict the airflow systems that determine the movement of the balloons. Thus, explaining that they can more easily identify the locations of the balloons, researchers have stated that they can focus on specific regions instead of surrounding all around the world with expensive balloons. ¹ ²


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New iOS 10.3 update includes built-in Find My AirPods app

Apple has released a third beta release for iOS 10.3, the third major interim update to iOS 10. So what kind of innovations does the iOS 10.3 Beta 3 update come with?

New emojis, TV app and system improvements

With a 319 MB update, iOS 10.3 Beta 3 fixes the errors found in previous releases, and Apple offers improvements to provide a more stable operating system experience.

Also, along with iOS 10.3 Beta 3, a section was added to the Settings menu that gives information about IOS compatibility of installed applications. In this way, if the application you’re using is not compatible with your iOS version, you’ll be notified [...]

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India to meet its energy needs from moon by 2030

Helium rich moon dust on the moon surface is a priority for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). ISRO Professor Sivathanu Pillai stated that by 2030, India’s entire energy needs can be met with the helium obtained from there. “This goal will be achieved by 2030,” said Pillai, who stated that the lunar surface is rich in helium 3 and added that this is a priority for the organization. “Other countries have similar plans,” Pillai said. “There are enough helium in the Moon to meet the needs of the whole world.”


We need more energy at lower costs

Pillai stated that the helium to be collected from the Moon [...]

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UAE made a $661 million deal with Turkish Otokar to produce 8×8 armored vehicles

The domestic armored car manufacturer Otokar has announced that they have signed a contract worth $661 million to build Arma 8×8 amphibious armored infantry vehicles for the United Arab Emirates land forces. Under the agreement, which includes a 6-year process of procuring 8×8 vehicles to the United Arab Emirates, Otokar will make its export through its partner company.

The revenues that Otokar will acquire directly under the project will include vehicle exports, demount kit sales, technical consultancy and similar service revenues and dividends from Al Jasoor.

The vehicle, under the joint venture, has been dubbed “Rabdan” and will be built at the Tawazun [...]

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Elon Musk doesn’t like the idea of flying cars

Elon Musk, one of the first names that comes to mind when we talk about extraordinary jobs, contrary to expectations, he does not think that flying cars will be a viable solution to our modern day traffic problems and doubts that it will replace the current transportation network.

Nowadays, many companies are investing in flying cars and trying to take their pieces from the emerging market. The company we can place at the top is the aviation giant Airbus, which will start testing its flying cars before the end of 2017. Also one of the Google founder’s, Larry Page has invested $100 million in Zee.Aero. Finally, Uber also announced that by 2026 they would put out a flying [...]

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NASA is in need of Russian rockets until 2019

NASA, which has not been able to carry astronauts with its own rockets to the International Space Station since 2011, will apparently be in need of Russian space vehicles for a while.

NASA, the world’s biggest name in the space research area, has not been able to send its astronauts out since the space shuttle program was canceled in 2011. For this reason, NASA is in need of Russia’s Soyuz rocket and Soyuz space capsule since 2011. At the same time, NASA pays $81 million to Russia for each astronaut. ¹ ² ³ The solution to this problem, which has led to great debates within the country, is now left to completely privately held companies. NASA, which does not have [...]

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