June the 8th, 2000 – Hardware Avenue first launched. The idea was simple, to make a site purely dedicated to the PC hardware and overclocking enthusiasts in the Internet community. However, the level of success in that vision can only be determined by you, the readers.

The Past

Hardware Avenue went through a few rough times, especially when concerning hosting. Hardware Avenue began on a simple yet very sturdy ISP with nothing more than 20mb of space and a 3GB traffic limit per month. During that time, down time was unheard of, and traffic was picking up.

Once the limits came into play, it was time to move on. Our first network approach proved successful, and we were now apart of a seemingly large network. Perhaps this network was to large for its own good, as trouble managed to show its face almost instantly. Soon enough, this network seemed to die without warning, rendering Hardware Avenue offline for a good week or two. Although this time period was not extremely long, it was enough to force Hardware Avenue back to scratch. Traffic wise and server wise.

The present

After the problems were solved, Hardware Avenue was back in full swing. With hosting on an extremely speedy and stable server courtesy of TheDDRZone and with its 4th total redesign, things were improving.

Not long after the new move, Hardware Avenue officially became a member of the GameStats News Network and UGO. With this affiliation, Hardware Avenue has now been allowed exposure to a number of different communities on the Internet.

The Future

Hardware Avenue simply intends to continue to grow and prosper. Although the future of all Internet ventures may look a little dim at the moment, Hardware Avenue has no plans for failure. With the current crop of support through sponsors, readers, hosting and affiliation, this goal seems to be within reach.