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Customer Service Technology: Why Computers Aren’t Quite Ready to Takeover

Customer service is the foundation of almost every business, but in an age of technology, the goalposts are gradually changing. Thanks to innovations with artificial intelligence systems and robots, customer service doesn’t automatically mean human-on-human contact anymore. Indeed, with companies such as Samsung adding robotic vacuums to digital assistants like Amazon, it seems as though much of our daily lives will soon fall under the influence of automated technology.

However, as impressive as modern technology is, there are some that say nothing can really replace that personal touch we receive from a real person. Yes, computers might be more efficient and not get [...]

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World’s first smart condom rates your sexual performance

A company from the United Kingdom called The British Condom announced the world’s first intelligent wearable condom, i-Con. There is a chip inside the condom and it’s non-disposable, also can be used as many times as you want.

The chip inside the condom connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and measures your body heat and gives you many performance reports including calories burned, average/max/min speed and total time you spent during the sexual intercourse.

Unlike conventional condoms, iCon can be used many times, not just one time and owes its intelligence to the nanochip inside. It’s actually not a condom, it’s a ring that sits at the [...]

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AI Robot Cruises io Victory Over Human Poker Pros – By a Margin Of 600k!

Science-fiction novels and films of the not-too-distant past are littered with references to the potential of artificial intelligence, and the consequences for us mere human beings. Well, it seems the real-life consequences now extend to the world of casino gaming.

The latest high-stakes contest of man versus machine was recently decided in the poker room of an American casino – and the result was ultimately conclusive. The AI program developed by a professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, nicknamed Libratus, was pitted against a team of professional poker players at the Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence event at Rivers Casino in [...]

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