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Alibaba unveils its new multifunctional delivery robot: G Plus

Chinese technology giant Alibaba introduced a new delivery robot named G Plus with facial recognition, and keep-fresh. The company began testing the robot in its head quarter office.

Utilizing robots for the transport and placement of products within the warehouse, e-commerce giant Alibaba introduced a new delivery robot that will deliver products to the end user. The G Plus robot is currently being tested at its Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou. Starting with mass production this year, the G Plus has a range of capabilities that will increase customer satisfaction as well as move at 14.5 kilometers per hour.

Resistant to long journeys, The G Plus, separated from the delivery robots we saw earlier, is said to be able to carry multiple packages in different sizes and is extra durable in long journeys. Having a built-in navigation system supported by LIDAR sensors, the robot can create three-dimensional maps to determine the route of customers according to their position. Utilizing sensors to avoid hitting surrounding people and vehicles, the G Plus will travel at 10 km / h in crowded areas.

G Plus has two more features that are of interest to average consumers. The robot, which has face recognition feature, can prevent the package from being delivered to a wrong person, and hand it only to the ordering person. Of course, if the customer wants the package to be delivered to another person, S/he may prefer to use the password given at the time of order without using the face recognition feature. On the other hand, to protect the freshness of products in hot or cold food orders, customers will be able to control the temperature of the transport compartment. Users who see the temperature of the transport through the application on the smartphone will be able to change this temperature value according to the condition of the food.