Now we know the Android Nougat’s release date for the Galaxy S7

Android nougat release date

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The Android Nougat beta program of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going on for a long time. Participants in the programme report the errors in the software to Samsung and Samsung wants to fix the problems and provide a seamless experience. The release date of the official Galaxy S7 Nougat was apparent at the end of the beta program. The message sent to the testers now says that the new beta version will no longer be available and that only error messages sent from the community will be processed. As of today, it is clear when the final version will come out to users after the end of the beta process. Accordingly, the Android 7.1.1 update of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE will begin to be distributed in January. Since the distribution date of the update differs from country to country, it is difficult to give an exact date for each country around the world. However, we can easily say that Galaxy S7 owners can experience Nougat in a very short time.

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