The images found in the beta release files of iOS 11 suggests that Apple is planning to introduce a new line of exercises to the Apple Watch’s workout application. Allegedly, the new update will support almost all supports available, including very complicated ones, such as; badminton, barre, basketball, baseball, bowling, boxing, climbing, core training, cricket, cross training, curling, dance, equestrian sports, fencing, fishing, flexibility, football, functional training, golf, gymnastics, jump rope, kickboxing, lacrosse, paddle sports, pilates, sailing, skating, and skiing.

Both the iOS 11 beta and HomePod firmware generously have provided us with leaks over leaks to talk about in the past few months. Looks like the iHelp BR was able to find some hidden workout and exercise icons, buried deep inside the iOS 11 beta system files, indicating that Apple may be adding a new line of workout tracking features to its app. Many of those workouts and exercises are currently not included in the latest watchOS 4 beta version. So it is unknown whether the new workouts will come as an update or be introduced in the next generation Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch is also expected to be released alongside the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 8, and the brand new 4K Apple TV.



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