Asus’ new mousepad has LED lights and charges your phone wirelessly

Asus continues to announce its new products at Computex 2018, introducing a mouse pad bearing the name ROG Balteus. We now have the details of mouse pad with LED light and wireless charging.

Asus introduced a mousepad that offers Qi wireless charging capability. The accessory only serves as a mouse surface for players, but there are LEDs that light up when turned on and gives your gaming setup an exciting look. It is also equipped with an integrated Qi charging unit that allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone.

The Asus ROG Balteus is 37 centimeters long and 32 centimeters wide. This means that it provides enough surface area to move the mouse around freely and even charge your phone at the same time. Soon, there will be two versions of the mouse pad that will officially go to the market.

The standard version comes with 15 LED lights. The other version has a Qi wireless charging area that allows you to charge your phone. Both mouse pads are connected to the computer via USB Type-A port.

ROG Balteus and Balteus Qi will be on sale soon. The date of release to the market and the pricing information are expected to be announced in the coming days.