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We’re a bit closer to worldwide free internet

Google has announced that they have solved one of the technical problems of implementing a project that would deliver free service to areas where the internet could not be reached.

AI will be the solution

The Project Loon team, working on the project’s Google X research department, announced that the machine learning method has made it possible to predict the airflow systems that determine the movement of the balloons. Thus, explaining that they can more easily identify the locations of the balloons, researchers have stated that they can focus on specific regions instead of surrounding all around the world with expensive balloons. ¹ ²


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India to meet its energy needs from moon by 2030

Helium rich moon dust on the moon surface is a priority for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). ISRO Professor Sivathanu Pillai stated that by 2030, India’s entire energy needs can be met with the helium obtained from there. “This goal will be achieved by 2030,” said Pillai, who stated that the lunar surface is rich in helium 3 and added that this is a priority for the organization. “Other countries have similar plans,” Pillai said. “There are enough helium in the Moon to meet the needs of the whole world.”


We need more energy at lower costs

Pillai stated that the helium to be collected from the Moon [...]

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NASA is in need of Russian rockets until 2019

NASA, which has not been able to carry astronauts with its own rockets to the International Space Station since 2011, will apparently be in need of Russian space vehicles for a while.

NASA, the world’s biggest name in the space research area, has not been able to send its astronauts out since the space shuttle program was canceled in 2011. For this reason, NASA is in need of Russia’s Soyuz rocket and Soyuz space capsule since 2011. At the same time, NASA pays $81 million to Russia for each astronaut. ¹ ² ³ The solution to this problem, which has led to great debates within the country, is now left to completely privately held companies. NASA, which does not have [...]

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Juno’s Jupiter Mission Fails

The Juno spacecraft, launched by NASA in 2011, and entering the orbit of Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet in 2016, will not approach the gas giant Jupiter due to some glitches in its engine.¹ According to the NASA statement, some of the engines of the spacecraft failed to respond properly to commands sent from Earth and put $1.1 billion mission in danger. In order to avoid any financial loss, NASA has decided to stop Juno approaching the Jupiter.

Juno is now in the outer orbit of Jupiter and driving around the gas giant every 53.4 days. If NASA was decided to fire Juno’s engines once again and continue its mission, the spacecraft would get closer to [...]

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