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Top 2 Activity Tracker Smart Watches of 2017

Activity trackers and activity band have been improving lately to not only be appealing to fitness enthusiasts but making a product that general public would enjoy using.

There’re too many companies dominating the fitness watch and wearables industry, but only 2 of them are dominating the market both in terms of experience and features.


2. Fitbit Blaze

With the retail price tag of 200 dollars, this is one of the best activity trackers you can get at the very moment. It has a good battery life and lasts more than 6 days. The touch screen of the Blaze is detachable from the bezel ring. So you can attach it to different color and model [...]

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Sonos Playbase Review & Rating; Wireless Soundbase Speaker for your TV


Sonos finally released its first speaker in a long time, named Sonos Playbase. You may already know the Sonos Playbar, that’s a soundbar for your living room. Playbase also goes into your living room. But unlike the Playbar, it’s a speaker that sits underneath your television.


Sonos has spent the last few years on test chambers and labs, trying to invent the ultimate wireless home audio system that can out-compete its top rival Amazon Echo Dot.

Unlike we expected before, it’s not a voice-controlled speaker or an alternative to Amazon’s [...]

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Sonos Play:1 Review; Wireless speaker for clear HiFi sound

Where to buy?

Both stylish white and matte black versions are available on official Sonos site.

Check it out on Sonos! (Free Upgrade to 2nd Day Shipping at with code FRE2NDYSHP17 )

Free Upgrade to 2nd Day Shipping at with code FRE2NDYSHP17 (Customer must first select 2nd day shipping at checkout. )

Small design, yet incredibly loud and high-quality sound

Sonos is one of the most reputable brands in the wireless HiFi systems field and has been on the market since 2002. The new Play series includes Play: 1, Play: 3 and Play: 5 models. Also, as we will see in the following paragraphs shortly, Sonos has another special product named PlayBar for those [...]

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Tinder Select is an invitation-only version for rich, beautiful and famous people

Online matchmaking application Tinder has a separate version dedicated to the rich, beautiful and famous people. Only the invitees can subscribe to the ‘Tinder Select’ version of the application.

The world’s most popular matchmaking practice Tinder has developed a version called ‘Tinder Select’, which is exclusive to the rich and famous. According to the report published by Tech Crunch, ‘Tinder Select’, which has been serving for 6 months, can only be registered with the invitation sent by existing members.

Allegedly, existing users who have access to ‘Tinder Select’ can send an invitation to their friends. However, [...]

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