Best dual monitor stand reviews based on consumer reports

Using the perfect dual monitor stand improves your efficiency and the work quality. Perplexed? No worries! Go through the list below to find a right dual monitor stand for you.

Top 10 dual monitor stands

VIVO Dual Stand

VIVO dual stand is designed to fit two LCD and LED screen together with a total 22 pounds weight. The stability is undoubted with the no tumbling monitors. It is also fit for 13-27” screen.

It comes with dual functioning. You can either fit the screen in landscape or portrait view. The adjustable pole contains 15-degree tilt, 360-degree rotations and 360-degree swivels. The length is adjustable at the centre of the pole.

Mounting up the LCD on the stand is quite easy by using the VESA bracket plates. Follow the process in manual provided with the package in this context.

The bracket plates are detachable and easy to clean and to wash. Assembling hardware and tools come with the package for your convenience.

The sturdy desk clamps are 4” thick for a firm support.

  • The frame is made of solid steel.
  • It is durable with a firm grip.
  • It is perfect for 13-27” LCD/LED.
  • The eye-catching design makes it distinguished.
  • It is easy to set up by using manual instructions.
  • A bit costly.


  • Q: How far I can extend both of the arms?
  • Ans: You can extend the arms up to 12” for 24” dual monitors and can be extended up to 27” if you are using smaller LCD monitors.
  • Q: How much desk edge is required to firmly clamp the stand?
  • Ans: Not enough edge needed. It just uses about 3” desk edge.

Comparison with Two Other Best Dual Monitor Stands

Dual Monitor Stand VIVO Dual Stand WALI Stand Mount-It Dual Monitor Stand
Monitor Size 13"-27” 13"-27” 13"-27”
Load 22 Pounds on each arm 22 Pounds on each arm 22 Pounds on each arm
Adjustable Arms & Length Yes Yes Yes
Price $$ $$ $$
Material used Solid Steel Solid Steel Stainless Steel

Wali Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable

Enhance your productivity by using this dual mount frame. It comes with a sturdy stainless steel frame with dually adjustable arms to avoid shaking or tilting. The removable V-base plates are quite stable and adjustable.

The high-quality material ensures a firm and stable grip over the monitors. It can handle up to 20 pounds weight. The durability and stability of the well-balanced metal handle are undoubted.

It is perfect to hold the panel TV or flat screen with 27” width. The installation is very easy by following a few steps given in the manual in the package. So, modernize the workstation with a dynamic dual monitor stand. It comes with adjustable height to lessen the strain on neck and eyes.

  • The metal stand is solid and durable.
  • Orient monitor in portrait or landscape mode.
  • With dually adjustable support arms.
  • Perfect for TV, monitor, LCDs.
  • Long life with a 10-year warranty.
  • No cons noticed so far.

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount Desk Stand

It supports dual devices including monitors, flat screens and TV sets up to 27 inches. The versatile VESA stand fits 75x75mm and 100×100 models.

The sturdy stand has been specifically designed for Samsung, Viewsonic, LG, Dell, HP, ASUS, AOC and Acer monitors 13-27 inches.

The devices can be tilted forth and back without affecting the firmness and stability. It has the best swivel mechanism to swivel the monitors up to 360 degrees. The tilting goes up to +45 degree and the rotation

  • It comes with the versatile VESA mounts.
  • The frame is made of solid and high-quality steel.
  • Cable management clumps added to avoid cable cluttering.
  • Adjustable arm and frame height.
  • It supports two screens up to 27” width.
  • The dual arms do not line up appropriately.

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand – Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum

You can adjust the dual monitors horizontally and vertically without much effort.

The arms are adjustable in retracting and extending.

You can tilt up to 70 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward to change the view.

  • Both of the plates have full compatibility with VESA
  • Can bear up to 20 pounds weight
  • 1-year warranty included
  • The metal arms are adjustable
  • Enhances the desktop space
  • None

Halter Hex LCD Monitor Stand

Halter Hex is absolutely fine stand with dual mounts that can bear the weight up to 22 pounds on each arm. It is VESA compatible and sturdy to fit 13-27 inches monitors including LCD/LED.

While working on the project, tilt the monitor forth and back up to 15 degrees. Swivelling up to 360 degrees is an additional feature. The rotation goes up to 360 degrees without affecting the firm hold over the monitors.

The onboard cable holding clips aid to make your desktop cluttering free. The clips are removable and adjustable to ensure a firm holding of the cables.

The solid C-clamp comes with 4” thickness to make the stand distinguished among all of its rivals.

  • VESA compatible brackets are removable.
  • Smooth swivelling and rotating arms.
  • Arms are adjustable on the stand.
  • The high-quality G-Clamps have 4” thickness and easy to install.
  • Can bear the weight up to 22 pounds.
  • The rotational angle is a bit fussy.

Dell MSD14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

The alignment of dual monitors is customizable for an enhanced productivity and ease. The power cable management slot avoids cluttering on your workstation.

The Dell MSD14 stand supports dual monitor up to 14.3 pounds weight on each arm and the screen size up to 24 inches.

The U-shaped base makes the viewing angles clearer and the tilting, rotating comfortable.

The stand comes with a VESA compatible plate to support a VESA compliant LCD/LED.

  • The arms are detachable and easy to re-install.
  • The cable management system is well-built.
  • It supports dual 24 inches monitors.
  • The stable U-shaped stand makes the viewing angles comfortable.
  • The weight bearing capacity is 14.3 that is a bit low.

Fleximounts M13 Dual Monitor Stand

The stand supports dual LCD monitors up to 27” on a well-balanced swing arm. The arm has a pole length up to 17.2” (436mm).

The solid aluminum die-cast material makes the grip firmer and stronger. The clamp base comes with 0.79-2 inches thickness.

It is easy to mount and dismount the monitors. The installation process requires a few easy steps mentioned in the manual included in the package.

It supports up to 17.6 pounds weight for each LCD monitor. The tilting support is 5-15 degree and swiveling support is up to 360 degree.

The cable management system is clean and clutter-free with minimal cable visible on the workstation.

The laudable dual monitors stand in both of the landscape and portrait views.

  • It gives high ergonomic comfort.
  • It has absolute compatibility with VESA mount design.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.
  • Supports up to 17.6 pounds weight for each monitor.
  • Arms are not perfectly at the same level.

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Stand (Stand-V002H)

It supports dual screens up to 33 pounds weight for each monitor. The aluminum and solid steel combine to form this sturdy stand.

Its V-shaped wide base does not require clamps to secure the LCD monitors. It needs no screws and no bolts as well.

You can set up both of your LCD monitors in landscape or portrait view without making effort.

The tilting back and forth ranges up to -30 to +30. The rotating mount is adjustable up to 360 degrees to optimize the viewing angles.

It supports two 27 inches LCD monitors with a firm grip.

  • The durability of steel and the solid aluminum frame is undoubtedly high.
  • You will love the portrait and landscape orientation.
  • The V-shaped base is wide enough to well balance both of the monitors.
  • It supports up to 33 pounds weight and 27 inches monitors.
  • The pair of monitors get scratches quickly.

Huanuo’s Dual Monitor Stand

This sturdy dual monitor stand from Huanuo supports up to 17.9 pounds weight for each monitor screen. It has amazing stability with steady arms for the users looking for an ideal product.

The stand supports the VESA pattern monitors too.

The adjustable structure has a swivel up to +/-90 degree and rotation up to 360 degrees. It supports tilting up to +/-45 degree for an easier and comfortable view.

The cable management system is tidy enough to keep your workstation clean by hiding cables. The slim U-shaped stand creates more space for your other devices such as a printer, etc.

  • It supports up to 17.9 pounds weight.
  • The cable management system is very tidy.
  • The frame has adjustable length and width of the arm.
  • The solid metal frame is durable for a long time.
  • It is hard to adjust.

VonHaus Free Standing Stand

It is perfect for dual monitors up to 27 inches.  The solid metal frame comes with a freestanding base with sufficient width and length.

It bears up to 17.6 pounds weight on each arm. There is no stability issue.

It has a tilt to back and forth up to +/-45 degree and swivel up to -/+180 degree to optimize the screen orientation.

It is easy to set up by using the fitting hardware and manual of instructions included in the package.

  • The freestanding structure is more comfortable in use.
  • Tilt and swivel features.
  • It bears up to 17.6 pounds weight on every arm.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Supports up to 27 inches monitors.
  • The instruction manual is not easily understandable.

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