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Futuristic projector turns all surfaces into touch screen: Xperia Touch

The MWC’17 event continuous to bring new innovations and devices. Sony Future Lab’s futuristic projector announced last year, finally introduced to the market. The new and quite portable projector called Xperia Touch runs on Android iOS and turns every surface to a touch screen.

With multi-touch capability, Xperia Touch can project 23-inch images vertically and horizontally on any surface and can be used as a touchscreen. It actually offers much more than a projector, Xperia Touch can capture motion at 60 frames per second using infrared light technology. You can make Skype conversations with the device and take notes in video format. Since it’s built on [...]

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Microsoft to Announce the new Xbox at E3 2017

As you may already know, Microsoft has been working on a new generation Xbox, AKA the Project Scorpio for quite awhile.

Although we’ve been waiting for the project details and release date from Microsoft since 2015, Xbox team has finally stated that the Project Scorpio details and release date will be announced at the E3 2017 fair.

The Xbox, which Microsoft has repeatedly pointed out as “the most powerful console” on the market, seems to be announced at the E3 2017 fair. The 4K gaming experience and TFLOPS value stated that the console will be the most powerful device, once again an image shared in previous announcements appeared in the official [...]

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New Feature for Cortana Arrives

Microsoft today announced that  they have added new features to Cortana. With the new feature Cortana will now organize your daily life and help you to remember everything you need to do. Especially its new email remainder helps you to never forget promises you gave on email.


The feature that Cortana can currently use in Windows 10 operating system allows you to forget the words you give to someone else via e-mail. For example, if your boss or co-worker sends you an email saying, “I’ll give you a presentation tomorrow,” and you forget it, Cortana senses it and publishes a reminder message as the presentation time gets closer. You only need to [...]

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Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Apple TV?

Despite the recent upgrades and improvements, we can not really say that Apple TV is a success story. The product is already being criticized by the users and tech enthusiasts a lot. As if it was not enough, looks like sales have fallen according to a recent report.

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