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Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Review – 2 in 1 but Cheap


If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient laptop that you can use anywhere, the Aspire Switch 10 E can be the best choice for you.

Not only for your daily work but also for business travelers. It’s ready-to-use, medium-sized and has a durable battery. These two-in-one hybrid models can be used in both tablet and laptop form, with the highest performance possible.

Obviously, you shouldn’t have very high expectations on this one. Eventually, it’s a cheap, all in one device that can be used for many purposes.


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Who Should [...]
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Important update arrives for AMD Ryzen

AMD continues to build the next-generation Ryzen platform.

The company, which is in close cooperation with the other hardware and software developers companies from all over the world, offers some major improvements with the new firmware update. The new microcode update with AGESA version promises better memory, higher performance, and a faster-booting computer. All motherboard manufacturers in the AMD partnership must adapt to this update and inform their users about the new version. According to information released, the new firmware update is available at speeds of 2667MHz if 4 memory slots are used in Ryzen motherboards. AMD as you may already know, has previously [...]

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Acer Aspire R14 Review | Powerful, long-lasting and light

The Aspire R14 stands in a good place amongst the 2 in 1 hybrid model laptops. Especially with its battery life and flexible design, the Aspire R14 offers a great performance with an external processor and SSD support. Meanwhile, the sound quality of the laptop is quite successful; Let’s not skip this detail either. The missing side of the Aspire R14 is that it does not have a sufficient level of brightness as we have just said and that the keys on the keyboard are very close to each other that makes typing extremely painful. But overall, it’s a great 2 in 1 laptop that costs less than its alternatives.

Who should buy?

Those who are looking for a hybrid laptop with [...]

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Acer Swift 7 Review – Thinnest, Yet High Performing Laptop

Who should buy the Swift 7?

You must seriously consider getting a Swift 7 if you prefer getting a particularly lightweight and compact notebook which also meets your price and performance expectations.

Swift 7, which Acer recently introduced to the market and attracted attention with its elegant design, finally has taken its place on our review table. The Swift 7, looks really stylish, but there is one more important feature than its design: Acer has made the world’s thinnest laptop computer with Swift 7. It has the title of the “first notebook that is thinner than 1cm thick”.

Thinnest notebook of the world

Acer Swift is a very impressive laptop [...]

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