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Futuristic projector turns all surfaces into touch screen: Xperia Touch

The MWC’17 event continuous to bring new innovations and devices. Sony Future Lab’s futuristic projector announced last year, finally introduced to the market. The new and quite portable projector called Xperia Touch runs on Android iOS and turns every surface to a touch screen.

With multi-touch capability, Xperia Touch can project 23-inch images vertically and horizontally on any surface and can be used as a touchscreen. It actually offers much more than a projector, Xperia Touch can capture motion at 60 frames per second using infrared light technology. You can make Skype conversations with the device and take notes in video format. Since it’s built on Android, you can perform many actions such as using the internet, watching youtube videos and even downloading new apps from the play store and playing games on the flat surfaces like a book or your desk.
The price for the Xperia Touch projector is expected to be around 1499 euros and it’ll ba available for sale in Europe during 2017 spring.