$100 spent on BTC in 2010 today worth $72M

The unstoppable rise of bitcoin, which is considered as the new currency of the digital age, continues. If you were one of those visionaries who invested $100 in Bitcoin seven years ago, you would now have 72 Million US dollars.

Bitcoin, considered as the currency of the new technology era, may be one of the best investments you have made up to now. If you bought a $ 100 bitcoin at 0.003 cents in 2010, now you are sitting on top of a fortune worth $72.9 million.

According to CNBC, the Bitcoin, invented in 2009, and almost touched the $3.000 barrier this week, breaking a brand new record.

If you have taken advantage of this enormous growth, excellent. But there are also many sad bitcoin stories which make you want to cry. Like the unfortunate software developer Laszlo Hanyecz who spent 10.000 bitcoin to pay for two pizzas seven years ago, now it worths somewhere around 28M dollars with today’s $2.800 1 BTC valuation.

In a short period of 7 years, Bitcoin has grown to almost 3K dollars from pennies. But it’s future value predicted to be around 1 million dollar per Bitcoin. You shouldn’t be surprised because its value will only grow as it becomes more mainstream and accepted everywhere. For example you can buy stake in companies in ASX, Australian Securities Exchange using Bitcoin.


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