Facebook Builds its Own TV Channel

Facebook launches its own TV channel

Facebook is working hard to build an architecture similar to Apple TV. Facebook’s efforts, it seems, will finally pay back.
Facebook, Apple TV, set-top box is a TV solution and intends to develop a new application to offer exclusive content.

Some sources leaked The Wall Street Journal, saying Facebook is conducting intense negotiations with giant media companies to make licensing agreements.

For now, there is not much detail about the application and set-top box, but we should not forget: According to the allegations, the company has been working on the project since last summer.

The new platform will include much more than a big screen version of “the standard Facebook app: sports, series, newest movies and the most viral contents posted on Facebook.com. In short, Facebook TV will challenge Apple TV in all its aspects.

Why is Facebook launching such a project? The answer is simple, the revenue that social media services can generate through ads on the internet is limited. On the other hand, there is much more to make on the TV than the display ads we come across on an everyday basis, which means a tremendous amount of revenue for Facebook.

“Facebook will focus on hundreds of video content in 5 years”

Says the Facebook Vice President, Nicola Mendelsohn, “The most powerful woman in the world” according to Fortune magazine
It is not known at this time which TV platform will be published for which platforms other than Apple TV, or when it will be available, but more information on the topic is expected soon.