FIFA 18 Looks for Improvements, Not Revolution

Details remain a little scarce, but we have had a few clues to give us a rough estimate of what FIFA 18 will look like and the release date is scheduled to be in September, coming out around the same time as PES 2018. The FIFA game series first began back in 1993 and as the official licence carrier from the official governing body of FIFA, a large part of the game’s success is due to being able to take control of real players, at real clubs and in real leagues. There remains a healthy rivalry between the FIFA games franchise from EA Sports and the Pro Evolution series by developers Konami and no matter which camp you’re in, their annual releases are big news for gamers.
Gameplay and Graphics

With FIFA 18 running on the same third generation Frostbite game engine as the previous version and titles such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and Madden NFL 18, don’t expect FIFA 18 to be vastly different from 17. Graphics always improve with each instalment and this one will be no different. Obviously, some of the glitches such as the corner you always score from and the disappearing hands will be taken care of. There will undoubtedly be some refinements in terms of facial likeness features, player animations, crowd detail and these features will be magnified for those playing on a PS4 Pro. The greatest improvement in gameplay should come from the uniqueness of individual players with special celebrations, reactions and a general feeling of exceptionality when an individual player takes control of the ball.

Lionel Messi” (CC BY 2.0) by Leandro’s World Tour

Front Cover

With Marco Reus chosen by popular vote as the cover star for FIFA 17, the voting is once again underway and you can weigh in and select the player you’d most like to see on the cover of FIFA 18. With Cristiano Ronaldo currently out of contract with Konami, he could find himself switching with great rival Lionel Messi, who appeared on the cover for four consecutive years. Eden Hazard is a likely candidate as his Chelsea team are currently -800 with bet365 to win the Premier League this season and his performances have been a large part of the Blues’ resurgence after a poor last season under Jose Mourinho. Messi’s Barcelona teammate Neymar Jr. could also be a good fit, but improved performances from Paul Pogba could see the most expensive player in the world take his place on the front cover. Yet a return for Reus shouldn’t be ruled out as the Borussia Dortmund attacker remains a popular player and it would be easy for EA Sports to simply continue their agreement with the player.

EA Sports” (CC BY 2.0) by Mark Morgan Trinidad B

Other improvements should come in the form of an extended version of The Journey which was a popular feature that left people wanting more. Expect to see women’s football further promoted within the game as FIFA looks to expand their fan demographics. That the game series will stick a toe in the world of Virtual Reality seems inevitable, but don’t expect to be running around the pitch with a first-person view of the action just yet, as considerable development in the field is still required. Hopefully, there will be improvements to the freekick system which has been inadequate, though what they’ll do to rectify this mistake is anyone’s guess. There’s no news on the soundtrack, although Kasabian and FIFA seem like a perfect match and long may it continue. With a few tweaks to the AI, it appears that all the ingredients are there to make FIFA 18 not revolutionary, but still adequately improved to keep football gamers very happy.

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