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Nubia Z17 Mini Review

The brave smartphone brand owned by ZTE has been launching its product line in India repeatedly in the past few years. Z11 Mini S was one of the past successful products of ZTE, but it had some flaws. Fortunately, the brand has acted upon the customer feedback and immediately released a follow up product that is stronger, more elegant and still affordable for many people around the world.

Meet the Z17: The Nubia Z17 is the latest phone released just some time ago. It is a mid ranged phone with its 250 US dollars price.

Design: Each person may define beauty in a phone in many different ways. But, with Z17, ZTE played it safe and introduced an iPhone-looking model that [...]

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Z28 TV Box review – Android 7.1 4K HDR TV box

Z28 TV Box is pretty affordable, just like the alternative Beelink GT1 TV Box, and it also comes with 7.1 Android Operation System and plays 4K videos with 60 frames per second.


If you have been looking into cheap Android TV boxes recently, I’m sure you’ve seen Z28 around the web. Those gadgets connects to your TV’s HDMI port and turn your regular TV into a smart one that can stream music, videos, movies and even allow you to play modern games from your television.

Especially those LCD TVs that do not have an operating system, monitors and projectors with HDMI ports are providing a much more enjoyable experience thanks to TV Boxes. If [...]

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TP-Link TL wn822n / N300 Wifi Extender Review

Just moved in to a bigger office or home? You can be assured that your good old regular modem won’t cover the whole house, even if it does, your connection speed will greatly be reduced which makes activities like watching videos on internet, downloading stuff and playing online games a huge pain.

But luckily, TP-Link has a solution for those who own a TP-Link modem with a big place

Best Price on Newegg

Meet the Tp-Link N300, AKA TL-WN822N

TP-LINK announced the high-gain USB adapter TL-WN822N 3-4 years ago for users who want to watch streaming video, play online games and download files at high speed from anywhere in the home or office.

With its [...]

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Tesla Model S vs Model 3: Tesla reveals the differences

After announcing the Model 3 electric car last year, Tesla surprised everyone once again by receiving 370,000 pre-orders. Now, with a brochure published by Inside EVs, more details about the new vehicle have emerged.

The infographic, which appeared on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club first, compares the existing Model S with Model 3 and allegedly, the same comparison chart will be used by Tesla salespeople all around the world to help customers decide between the two electric vehicles.

As can be seen in the image above, the time of reaching 100 kmph of Model 3 is 5.6 seconds and it will has the single 15 inch touchscreen in the center. It also has a total storage [...]

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