Bluesmart; The world’s first smart and wi-fi enabled carry on suitcase

bluesmart smart suitcase
bluesmart smart suitcase

As frequent travelers know very well; as much as what you carry with you, it is also very important how you carry these items too. Especially when you travel a long distance, you may face some unwanted situations such as the loss of your suitcases or getting your goods stolen. To solve such problems, Bluesmart made a smart and wi-fi connected suitcase that you can rely on wherever you go. Bluesmart is the world’s first intelligent suitcase. Unlike the classical suitcases we are used to seeing on the shelves, this one knows and meets the needs of today’s travelers. After pairing Bluesmart with an application that you will install on your Android or IOS smartphone, you can lock or unlock your suitcase remotely, measure the weight of the suitcase track the location of it in case of a theft situation.


Main takeaways from the product page;

  • Charge & Track – The device has 2 USB charging ports on it and it can tablet or smartphone up to 6 times over. 
  • 3G enabled GPS tracking system enables you to track it anywhere in the world.
  • With its built-in system, you can exactly know the weight of your stuff in the suitcase, it’s a very nice and must-have feature if we consider that some airports limit the weight that you can fly
  • Remotely lock or unlock the suitcase via your smartphone.
  • Compact & Durable – Designed to meet international carry-on requirements, ideal for 2-3 day trips. Water-resistant polycarbonate exterior designed to withstand extensive travel.

Places to buy; Amazon or eBay