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TP-Link TL wn822n / N300 Wifi Extender Review

Just moved in to a bigger office or home? You can be assured that your good old regular modem won’t cover the whole house, even if it does, your connection speed will greatly be reduced which makes activities like watching videos on internet, downloading stuff and playing online games a huge pain.

But luckily, TP-Link has a solution for those who own a TP-Link modem with a big place

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Meet the Tp-Link N300, AKA TL-WN822N

TP-LINK announced the high-gain USB adapter TL-WN822N 3-4 years ago for users who want to watch streaming video, play online games and download files at high speed from anywhere in the home or office.

With its [...]

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RAZER BLADE STEALTH 128GB Review | The Ultimate Ultra Book

Razer, a very popular brand known in the high-end gamer equipment industry, is also expanding its operations with its Blade laptop computer series. After Blade and Blade Stealth the company has now introduced a completely new gaming laptop that catches everybody’s attention.


Razer Blade Pro

If we need to define the Razer Blade Pro with one word, it would be extraordinary. In addition to Razer’s own technologies, also the best-in-its class third party hardware are also used in the device.

Blade Pro comes with a 17.3-inch touch-screen and LED back-lit 4K IGZO G-Sync display, featuring NVIDIA Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1080 graphics that [...]

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How Does Refresh Rate Affect Your Experience on a Gaming Monitor?

You’re just shopping for a new gaming monitor, and you’re presented with a wall of letters, numbers and even the general claptrap. Well, it’s claptrap only if you don’t understand them. I’m taking about the monitor’s refresh rate. How does it affect the performance and experience of a gaming monitor? And more specifically, what should you be looking out for when buying a new gaming monitor?

Let’s dive in together.

But first things first.

What exactly is a gaming monitor’s refresh rate?

As the name suggests, the monitor’s refresh rate is the number of times per second that the screen refreshes the image or picture on it. In other words, the refresh rate is the [...]

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Fight Back Against Big Data Security Breaches

Big data – a collection of data, both traditional and digital, collected both inside and outside the company that stands as a source of discovery and analysis for improvements – seems to be the buzzword around the digital technology sphere nowadays. But does big data make our efforts to better protect ourselves and our businesses from potential breaches harder?

Data encompasses almost everything. Unstructured data refers to the more qualitative information of things that can’t be classified – tweets, social media opinion and so on. Multi-structured data refers to data that is better for systematic analysis. All data can help businesses understand their customer [...]

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