Biggest Jabra alternative; TREBLAB wireless headphones

Treblab XR500
Treblab XR500 amazon discount

Places to buy; Amazon, eBay or NewEgg

If you’re an audiophile that knows the sound quality can make or break your music listening experience, there are dozens of wireless headphones that offer functional headphones but the problem is, they usually cost hundreds of dollars, even some goes beyond thousands.

There are a few brands, though, that offers top quality at a reasonable price like Jabra. But only for a limited time, it seems like Jabra’s one of the biggest alternatives Treblab continuous to offer its XR500 model at the Black Friday discount.

XR500 wireless noise canceling headphones from Treblab. So, without further babbling, let’s highlight its cons and pros.

Let’s start with the overall looking and materials. It’s built quite well, however, if you’re looking high-end premium features, well, honestly you may not get what you want. Buttons on the side for the control purposes are clicky and highly responsive, nothing amazing or touch controllable like other alternatives, but they do the job well for the price. Ear hooks are quite fluffy but it’s kind of a nice feature that avoids hurting your ear.

To be honest, these earphones are made for function, not for the look, and let me remind you, they exactly deliver the sound quality they promise. The Noice canceling feature that avoids any unwanted sound from the outside work, high sound and bass level make these headphones great for workouts and fitness.

Treblab XR500 also has the IPX7 rating, which means its water and sweatproof, Also the battery power is almost 2X better than the Jabra Sport Pace, with up to 9 HOURS on a single charge enjoy sports all day long with your favorite music while running or working out.

Wrapping up; it’s a very nice wireless headphone that offers high performance at a very reasonable price. But there’s one minor problem, though, the bass is way too high for R&B, Pop and Rap sort of music, anyway, it can easily be adjusted with an equalizer program for your specific needs.