Mevo; First Portable Camera for Live Facebook Events

Mevo HD live event camera for facebook
Mevo HD live event camera for facebook

Mevo is the tiniest live video camera that allows you to share any live event in real time on social media sites like Facebook.

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As you might already know, Facebook recently announced that users finally can live broadcasts videos via the devices like smartphones and even drones. On top of that, the first camera to support Facebook live broadcasts also surfaced, which is the Mevo.

In CES 2016, this cylinder-shaped camera, named Movo, which later became known as Movi has been announced and it can record wide-angle 4K videos. The device, which can combine and separate 4K photos, can broadcast video at 1080p resolution. Thanks to its free application that you should install on the smartphone, it is possible to make some adjustments in the image during a live broadcast. There are also options such as face tracking and automatic editing.

Thanks to the 12.4 megapixel camera and the built-in rechargeable battery, this camera will now be able to freely broadcast over long distances. At the same time, if you select and target on an object that is in the frame during the broadcast, you can also take a picture of it with just one touch.

If you’re not convinced yet, watch the Mevo in action below;