Securifi Almond Wi-fi Extender is Available for Pre-Order at

Securifi Almond 3 Router and extender and Security Alarm

According to latest report from Securifi, Almond 3 the router and wi-fi extender is available for pre-orders at and you can get this smart router with $30 discount if you order before the pre-order period expires.

Your Amazon pre-ordered Almond 3 will be shipped in June, which was introduced you in January at CES.

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What is and does Securifi Almond 3

Almond 3 is much more than a regular 802.11ac wi-fi extender and router. It has been equipped with ZigBee radio chip and allows you to turn your home into a smart home and you can do whatever you want and control your other internet connected devices from wherever you want.

For example, you can connect your smart lights, air conditioner, and other tech devices each other.

By the end of the month, $20 valued Z-Wave USB adapter will be released by the Securifi. This tiny device integrates with Amazon’s Alexa digital voice service (Something like Siri) and helps you to control your device by speaking.

With Almond 3’s powerful IOS and Android application, you can even schedule plans and create automations  to control your home, office or other connected devices. This feature is very similar to IFTTT but little more complicated.

High home and device security always has been one of Securifi’s high priorities. To prevent any kind of wi-fi or security attack, Almond 3 sends out notification messages once any new device join to the wi-fi network and you can immediately ban this unknown device from your wi-fi network. To provide internet access to the guest devices, you can also determine some connection rules and limit their online activities.

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Just like its competitors Eero and Luna, Securifi Almond 3’s main goal is to eliminate any dead spots in your home or office. If your environment mainly consist of walls or other kind of obstacles, you definitely will need Almond 3’s mesh networking feature because these barriers reduces your wi-fi power and internet connection speed.


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