Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017

tech gift ideas for valentines day

Today we’re going to bring you the best technology Valentine’s gifts that you or your significant other would fall in love.

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1. Apple AirPod
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Actually, this one is a little bit hard to find, but almost every iPhone owner is going after it and wants to use it, that’s the reason it’s so hard to find.
These little truly wireless ear pods are looking great on your ears while improving the music quality and providing a better listening experience. You can use both to listen to the music or only one for phone calls or driving. Both have microphones at the bottom that makes sure the other side on the phone hears you clearly.
By touching on it twice you can also answer your incoming phone calls and pause the music without even getting your phone out of your pocket.
A full charge gives you around 5 hours of listening time for each ear pod and you can easily recharge them by putting back to their case. If they’re completely dead and you’re in rush, only 15 minutes of fast charging feature will give you 3 hours of battery life.
Apple AirPods are 159 dollars. It’s actually really a good price when you compare it with other truly wireless earbuds. They’re not that expensive when you look at the competition.
Even though you don’t have a boy or girlfriend for the Valentines Day, you should definitely get one for yourself.
I should also add that Apple AirPod only works with other Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook etc. It can however be used with Android, but 90% of the features will be unable to use.
Places to buy; Amazon, eBay
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2. NetGear ORBI Wi-Fi System
If you’re the tech geek in the home, in your circle of friends and family, you’re usually the one who does all the tech support. One thing that always seems to need a fix, one thing always seems to not working correctly is wifi.
People just buy one router, stuff it somewhere in the closet or behind a desk and hopefully expect that one browser will cover all the are in the home and provide internet for all the wifi devices, obviously, this is rarely the case.
However, the next product we’re recommending does solve that exact same problem we’re talking about.
As you can see in the picture above, it has two units, one router, and one satellite. So you put the router in one area inside the building and place the satellite in another area to cover any room in your home. They work together and give your home a great fast and strong wifi signal. It’ll cover 4000 square feet of living space.
Let’s say you or your beloved one live in a bigger place and need much more than 4K square feet, ORBI also sell the units individually which give you, even more, wifi coverage, which means each unit covers 2K square feet. It’s way more than your average router could ever hope to achieve.
This device would be a really nice gift for game lovers because they obviously do need fast and reliable wifi.
I should also add that each unit is also wireless itself, so you definitely do not need to plug them together, they automatically talk to each other and become a bridge between the main router and your wifi devices like phone, computer or even your other smart devices.
Places to buy; Amazon, NewEgg
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3. Woolet 
Now, all the gift ideas listed above are great, but in case you need a gift that every man needs, which is something essential for every guy out there, you should look nowhere other than Woolet. This is the ultimate man’s Valentine’s day gift that he wish he could be using this his whole life. The Woolet comes with an Android and iOS app that connects with your smartphone so you can find it using your phone thanks to the built-in GPS tracker. It also has a built-in alarm system too! So, you can press the little button and the next thing it makes a noise to help you the find the wallet. It’s a very handy feature when it gets lost in the home.
Let’s say you left the wallet somewhere else outside your hearing range, then you can actually use the GPS tracker and the map installed on your phone to see where its exact location. It’s a very cool and nice looking wallet that also lets you know when you walk away from your wallet by sending a text reminder saying your wallet is no longer in your pocket. So you can go back and get it.
Woolet uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, in case you don’t know, Bluetooth uses very low-frequency signals that never lets your battery die.
They also come in different styles too, according to your loved one’s style, you can get the light brown, dark brown and the black. It also has a secret section that you can hide valuable items like credit cards or other similar things.
The Woolet team is actually about to release a new feature that notifies you after you make a payment with your credit card and didn’t put the card back in the wallet. That happens all the time…
All in all, Woolet makes a great gift for your significant other or even for yourself. Because it will definitely save the owner’s money many times.
Places to Buy; Amazon