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Virtual Reality: 3 Types Of Games That VR Could Change Forever

With the release of a number of specialized virtual reality (VR) headsets last year – namely the Oculus Rift, Google Daydream and HTC Vive – it’s safe to say that the next chapter of virtual reality gaming has well and truly begun.

The sheer range of possibilities that VR technology offers means that 2017 is an incredibly exciting time for both gamers and developers alike. Virtual reality is gradually evolving to cover a wide range of gaming experiences although, by their nature, some do seem more suited to it than others.

We’re here to run through some areas of gaming that have the potential to be massively enhanced by VR, some of which are already well on their way [...]

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GoPro 6 may arrive in 2017

The first rumors about the GoPro 6 model have begun to emerge. GoPro, one of the few legend brands in the action camera industry, is planning to release a new model in 2017.

It’s a well-known fact that GoPro is having some hard times due to technical problems in the GoPro Hero 5 action cam and Karma drone in 2016. Its $800 worth drone was randomly losing power while flying and the GoPro Hero 5 model was leaking water inside due to an error on the production line.

GoPro 6 model may arrivet his year!

GoPro is starting to work on a new model in order to reclaim the leadership in the action cameras niche in spite of all these inconveniences.

We received very [...]

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We’re Reviewing The Samsung Gear Fit 2 SmartWatch

The new member of the Samsung Gear Fit series, which has gained a good place among the activity tracking devices, is a step forward for the series by closing the gaps in the first device.

Smartwatch market is getting narrower day by day. The small players from the market dominated by the big firms.

The main reason for the market shrink is the importance of the activity tracking features rather than the smart watch characteristics. As a result, activity tracking wristbands have risen in recent times.

With its lightweight form, more affordable prices than smart watches and detailed activity tracking, smart wristbands have created their own user base. The new [...]

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Getting most out of Zepp Golf 2

We have some good news for those who might be interested in tennis and golf. With the wearable Zepp golf 2 sensor and helper application you can now view a detailed report of the strokes you have made.


Zepp is a small sensor that is placed on the golf glove or on the handle of the tennis racket. This sensor, which can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth, offers useful tips for users to improve their game skills even further (tennis, golf, baseball). In particular, the option of viewing your stroke angle in 3D can make these tips even more valuable.


Zepp has updated Zepp Insights in the past days to make better use of the service provided [...]

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