7 wireless earbuds are discounted up to 70% on Amazon

wireless earbuds discounted on amazon
Truly wireless earbuds are up to %70 off on Amazon

If you’re stuck in 2005, still using usual wire headphones and want to finally buy wireless earbuds, well, it’s exactly the right time.

Because, as we’re getting closer to the Christmas holiday, Amazon kind of gone mad as usual and announced discounts on thousands of products from your favorite brands including Jabra Sport Pace,  Jabra Sport Pulse, Kinivo, Yuwiss, Tao Tronics, VicTsing, SoundPEATS and MPow.

[section label=”Mpow V4.1″ anchor=”Mpow V4.1″]

1. Mpow V4.1: Wires around your neck is the last thing you want to deal during the fitness and sport. The Mpow V4.1 specifically designed for fitness lovers and provides you with perfect music and never falls from your head thanks to its sweat-proof design. Make sure to get yours from 22% discount

Pros: Has a sweat-proof feature to avoid falling, provides a decent sound, bass quality and noise canceling

Cons: The earbuds don’t fit for some people and there are complaints that it hurts the ear. Luckily, Mpow sends a set of comfortable earbud pieces.

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2. SoundPEATS is the second wireless earbuds in our list that can be purchased with a whopping 44 percent discount. The device consists of 2 different wireless-connected pieces and offers both mono and stereo listening feature. Thanks to the disconnected parts also two different people can listen to the same song. But I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, after all, who would want to share a music with others?

Pros: Not as goog as the Jabra, but it blocks a fair amount of noise and comes with a one year of guarantee and also can be used both stereo and mono.

Cons: We can say it’s a bit pricey if you don’t by from the discounted price and make sure it supports your phone model before making a purchase

[section label=”Jabra Sport Pace” anchor=”Jabra Sport Pace”]

3. Jabra Sport Pace is a good wireless headset with its design and ergonomics. In addition to that, you will definitely like the sound quality and small size, compared to the others, it almost weightless. Go ahead if you’re sport lover who doesn’t want to compromise from good music during the fitness.

Pros: Ergonomic design, sweat-proof, sound quality is good and we can say that it’s the top choice for sports
Cons: Weak bass and short battery life


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