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Tesla Model S vs Model 3: Tesla reveals the differences

After announcing the Model 3 electric car last year, Tesla surprised everyone once again by receiving 370,000 pre-orders. Now, with a brochure published by Inside EVs, more details about the new vehicle have emerged.

The infographic, which appeared on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club first, compares the existing Model S with Model 3 and allegedly, the same comparison chart will be used by Tesla salespeople all around the world to help customers decide between the two electric vehicles.

As can be seen in the image above, the time of reaching 100 kmph of Model 3 is 5.6 seconds and it will has the single 15 inch touchscreen in the center. It also has a total storage [...]

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AI-Powered Bragi Dash Pro Wi-fi headphones offer real-time translation

Bragi, one of the very first companies that has developed completely wireless headset technology, becomes a big trouble for other headphone brands with its new wireless earbuds. The Bragi Dash Pro headphone is quite appealing to music lovers with its elegant design, but it also professionally attractive with its AI powered, real-time translation feature.

With a 32-bit processor and 4 GB of storage, Bragi Dash Pro is powered by artificial intelligence and has an advanced active noise cancellation system with 27 sensors. The noise coming from the outside world can be half or completely blocked, interestingly, it’s a manual feature, which means you get to choose when you [...]

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New road repairs itself and charges electric vehicles

The cracks and pits on the roads often make drivers go crazy. Asphalt repair and maintenance works make things even worse by causing roads to get shut down for for an unknown period of time.

Regular asphalt roads used all over the world, has a very porous structure due to its natural chemical components. But the new technology developed by Dutch researchers allows both roads to repair itself and charge electric cars while they drive over the road.

We have actually seen self repairing and charging road technologies many times before, but researchers at Delft University of Technology have brought these two technologies together for the first time in a quite unique [...]

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It Costs $307.50 to Make One Samsung S8

As you might already have noticed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is much more expensive than last year’s Galaxy S7, because its internal components are priced higher than previous models. The material list reveals that Samsung needs to spend more money to produce the Galaxy S8 compared to the Galaxy S7.

The inventory list announced by IHS Markit shows that the components of the Galaxy S8 carry a total price tag of $ 301.60 and that the added $ 5.9 in manufacturing costs raise the bill to 307.50 dollars for each unit. That means Samsung needs to pay $43.34 more than the Galaxy S7 to produce the S8.

The cost of the Galaxy S8 is also $36.29 higher than the total cost of the [...]

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