Everything We Know About the Galaxy S8 So Far

Everything we know about the galaxy s8 so far

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The Galaxy S8 is too important for Samsung. This is because the company has achieved successful numbers with its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge models and achieved significant sales figures both in US and around the world. However, when the Galaxy Note 7 started to have battery explosion problems, 2016 turned into a nightmare for the Korean tech giant Samsung.

Now the whole focus of Samsung is on the new flagship Galaxy S8, which will officially be introduced in the first quarter of 2017. Anyway, thanks to the leaks, we already know a lot of the top features of the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

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So let’s get started, shall we?

If we look at the specifics of the design at first, it is thought that Samsung will give up the physical home button and integrate extra capabilities into the touch-screen instead.

According to the rumors, after seeing the great interest for the frameless Xiaomi Mi5, Samsung may launch S8 without a frame,  well, actually not completely frameless, but a very thin frame and edge screen that makes it look like almost frameless.

The fingerprint sensor can be integrated directly into the screen, along with the physical home key being abandoned. Another innovation that is expected in the design is that a much better sound experience will be presented with the Harman production stereo speakers. Better sound and dual speaker rumors are highly possible because as you might already know, Samsun recently acquired the audio technologies company Harman for $8 billion.

Looks like Samsung will continue to maintain its 5.1-inch screen size and Super AMOLED screen preference since the Galaxy S5. It is not known at this time whether this screen size preference will continue. However, when it comes to resolution, this time we can expect to see a 4K resolution.

The reason we highly expect a superb 4K screen is because Samsung has serious plans and investments to become a leader in the virtual reality industry and a 4K resolution screen means a better, clearer and sharper experience for the Gear VR.


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How powerful will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be?

On the hardware side, what will happen to the processor is a topic that excites us. The announcement of 10nm mobile processors and Samsung’s announcement of Qualcomm’s collaboration means that the Galaxy S8 can use Snapdragon 830 or Snapdragon 835.

The new processor, which has the potential to make a serious difference in terms of power and efficiency to 14 or 16 nm processors, could be the biggest feature of Galaxy S8.


The Galaxy S8 has 6 GB of RAM, and it is likely that the storage options will jump to 256 GB.

After the Galaxy S7, which is highly appreciated by consumers in terms of camera, the new flagship Galaxy S8 is expected to come with improvements, of course. So far there is not much detail leaked about the camera. However, we can see that the dual camera used in the models like Huawei P9 and iPhone 7 Plus will also be used in Galaxy S8 too.

As connection support, it is said that the new flagship will come with a feature that will make a difference. These are the Bluetooth 5 technology that we have not yet got the chance to see in a smartphone. The new standard for the use of third-party producers over the past few months is much better than the 4.1 and 4.2 standards for both in terms of range and speed.

With the exception of Bluetooth 5, the Snapdragon X16 will enable a much faster internet connection than the Snapdragon  X12 modem. However, of course, internet speed will vary from country to country.

This year Galaxy S8 is expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress fair, which is likely to take place in late February and early March. Immediately after the introduction, we can see that the device is selling out without waiting too long.

On the subject of prices, the phone, which had a sales tag of around $700 last year, is expected to be priced around $800 in 2017.