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iGaming: 3 Online Casino Trends To Keep a Close Eye On

Modern iGaming has come on in leaps and bounds compared with the basic online poker rooms and slot games that started gaining global popularity at the start of the millennium. In fact, since then, the industry has grown exponentially in both size and value year after year.

According to recent forecasts from Statista, the total value of the online gaming market will reach $50.65 billion by the end of 2017. That’s more than 10% growth on the previous year ($45.86 billion), a truly remarkable increase in such a short space of time – and the market doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Such consistent growth within the iGaming market has attracted [...]

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Play Tomb Raider on Your Browser

We all know of the adventures of Lara Croft, one of the oldest and most popular female heroes of the gaming world. Although the revamped game series is quite successful, we, game lovers still has different and deeper feelings for the old version. Especially the first games of the season were really quite successful by time.

A Tomb Raider fan nicknamed as XProger made his own browser based game and named it Open Lara.

Head over here to play the game on your browser and remember the good old days;


Game Controls: Keyboad: move – WASD / arrows, jump – Space, action – E/Ctrl, draw weapon [...]

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Will Optimised Mobile Sites Beat Gaming Apps?

In recent years, apps appear to have overshadowed mobile sites to a significant degree. With a worldwide audience, which has grown ever more impatient for immediate satisfaction, it stands to reason that some users ignore the presence of mobile sites. But the near future may produce some surprising developments in the battle of site versus app.

Gaming pros need 2020 vision

The gaming sector is also set to vastly increase its rate of growth over the next three years. During an excellent 2016, mobile gaming accounted for nearly half of the $91 billion USD generated by the gaming sector itself. This creates a dilemma for companies, who must now decide exactly how much of their [...]

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Blizzard’s probably developing a new mobile game

Blizzard announced that they are seeking a software engineer for a new mobile game development project. With the announcement, it was revealed that the company was aiming to develop a new mobile game.

The company, creators of legend and successful games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch, apparently aims to dominate the mobile gaming industry as well. Blizzard’s work on the new mobile game came up with a job posting on its website. 

In the post, Blizzard requires the software engineer to have experience in mobile game development and be able to create tools that will be used by the character designers and artists during the mobile game development [...]

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