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E3 2018: List of new games, and what to expect from the event

The E3 2018 game fair that we have been waiting for is starting next week. Just like previous years, this year too visitors will have a chance to play newly introduced games, and content creators will make their announcements.

More than 50 game producers are attending the E3 2018, which will open its door to visitors in Los Angeles between June 12th and June 15th. Big names such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Bathesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix and Activision are among the attendees. Presentations will start on Saturday, will continue until Tuesday evening.


E3 2018 Conference dates & times


Electronic Arts: Saturday, June 9, 21.00
Microsoft: Sunday, June 10 23.00
Bethesda: Monday, June 11, 04.30
Devolver Digital: Monday, June 11 06:00
Square Enix: Monday, June 11, 20.00
Ubisoft: Monday, June 11 23:00
PC Gaming Show: Tuesday, June 12, 01.00
Sony: Tuesday, June 12, 04.00
Nintendo: Tuesday, June 12, 19.00


What are the games that will be introduced at E3?


Sony, which was the shining star of the E3 2017, seems to keep a low profile this year. The company will focus on the game scenes this year instead of attracting attention with trailers. Sony announced that it will release new information and images from Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II on E3 2018.


Microsoft is dominated by uncertainty at the front. We’ll see Crackdown 3. Halo: We are looking forward to a sequel to Halo 5, called Infinity. A new game may come from the Gears of War and Forza series.

Electronic Arts

The first presentation of E3 2018 will be made by EA. EA will be presenting FIFA 19, Anthem, Star Wars new game and Battlefield V. A large part of the event will be reserved for Battlefield V.


With the Fallout 76 game announced last week, Bathesda will attract all the attention this year. Bathesda’s new game, which wants to ride the PUBG and Fortnite trends, is another survival game.


Ubisoft’s focus will be on the new Assassin’s Creed game. The video, shared from social media accounts, announced that the game would be named Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and will be in Ancient Greece.


Nintendo, which marked 2017 with the Pokemon Go, aims to have a similar impact on gamers with the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Go’s new sequel, Pokemon: Lets Go is predicted to make a big splash on E3.

Square Enix

New images from the last game of the trilogy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will be shared.

Marvel and Square Enix will also share new information about The Avengers. The excitement of the Infinity War and the fact that the Avengers 4 will be released next year will add to the excitement of this game. In addition to these games, new details about the Kingdom Hearts III is expected to be shared.

Games which will be promoted&announced during the expo aren’t limited to these. In addition to the known brands and creators, a large number of independent game studios and developers will also participate in the exhibition and introduce their content to the world.