Steam just passed the 14 million users for the first time

steam user active heatmap 14 million
steam user active heatmap 14 million

The number of active users of the PC platform’s leading digital gaming sales platform Steam increased by 2 million and just reached 14 million units.

The Steam platform, which was presented by Valve in conjunction with Half-Life 2, the most popular game of the period in 2004, again broke its own record.



Steam managed to reach the highest real-time player figures for the first time ever with the number of 14,207,039 players. Dota 2 was at the top with the 951,942 instant players, while CS: GO with 675,195 players. The third was GTA 5 with 116,230 active users in the game.

Reminding us that the previous record was 13 million real-time users, it is necessary to mention another important data. Five years ago, Steam had already exceeded 5 million active users. The record for the past 12 million years has exceeded the record of 14 million as of January 7.

Obviously, the Christmas holiday and Black Friday season discounts were the major reason of the record. While many people are enjoying the games they love very cheaply, the number of Steam users is also getting higher. So, it’s a win win situation for both parts.