New wearable golf wristband, Approach X40 has been announced by Garmin. It is the first fitness and health focused golf wearable that combines GPS course, heart rate monitor, and fitness tracking technologies

It has a 1-inch touchscreen monitor on it and looks just like a fitness tracker. So there’s not much deflection from original Garmin smartwatch series.


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Just like any other Garmin wearable, it comes with 40000 preloaded golf courses and its constantly updated software allows you to download new golf courses around the world.

But, Garmin Approach X40’s real value comes from its non-golf related features and abilities. Garmin has its own built-in, heart beat monitoring technology and measures your heart beats during the play non-stop and notifies you if something goes wrong with your heart beats.




Measure heart rate from wrist

Garmin’s special heart rate technology measures your heart beat rate with 100% accuracy 24/7. Thanks to that feature, you don’t have to wear extra accessories to measure your heart rate and keep track of your health. Based on your heart rate, Approach x40 calculates burned calories and gives you some fitness related information after the play.


First of its kind; Golf GPS + Health + Fitness

This rockin’ smart golf tracker stands out of the crowd with its new health related approach. Approach x40 is highly versatile, has long battery life and feels so comfortable on your wrist.

It’s  non-golf related features makes it more than a golf tracker and it easliy can be a replacement for your smart or regular watches.  You may not even need your phone thanks to its time, date and alarm features.


Remarkable Golf Guidance

Approach X40 is truly best golf tracker for the frequently traveling golf players. It doesn’t matter where or when you play, it has the course in its database and calculates your distance with the highly sensitive GPS technology.


Who needs phone when you have Approach X40 ?

You don’t need to carry your smartphone in your pockets anymore! Because Approach X40’s smart notifications technology syncs  with your smartphones and pushes any important text message, mail or any other notification right into your Approach X40 wristband.

Now, you’re free to leave your smartphone in your bag.


Find Like-Minded Golfers w/ Garmin Connect

Garmin’s connect app lets you make new golfer friends and share your golf related posts with them.

Just download it to your Android, IOS or Windows smartphone and track your improvements, rounds and compare them with your friends in the Garmin Connect application.


Scorecard in your wristband

It’s never been easier to keep track of your scores throughout every golf round. After the game is complete, its built-in scorecard system allows you to save, analyze and even share your scores with your fellow golfers via Garmin Connect.


Analyze and Keep Track of Your Metrics

If you already have or planning to buy Garmin TruSwing club sensor, you can integrate it with your Approach X40 wristband and receive real-time and 3D gold metrics such as club speed, hand speed, tempo, club plane, hand plane, and swing speed.


Extensive Golf Course Database W/ Free Updates

Approach X40 has more than 40,000 preloaded golf courses in its database and each year releases new updates which include even more golf courses and features. Even better thing is that all updates are free for lifetime.