We have some good news for those who might be interested in tennis and golf. With the wearable Zepp golf 2 sensor and helper application you can now view a detailed report of the strokes you have made.


Zepp is a small sensor that is placed on the golf glove or on the handle of the tennis racket. This sensor, which can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth, offers useful tips for users to improve their game skills even further (tennis, golf, baseball). In particular, the option of viewing your stroke angle in 3D can make these tips even more valuable.


Zepp has updated Zepp Insights in the past days to make better use of the service provided by users. The new feature brings the user’s training data into weekly reports. In addition, videotapes and practice suggestions taken by professionals are also helpful in solving the problems of the user’s technique. Zepp’s CEO, Jason Fass, describes the features brought to practice:


“Wearable sports technology is constantly evolving. Our purpose is to provide a sensor that can process the data collected by the user depending on the content of our application. Therefore, we also convert the collected data into referrals. ”


This feature, which Zepp has put into practice, has actually started to be adopted throughout the wearable technology sector. Some research shows that; Users stops to use the products after the 3-4 months. As such, manufacturers are applying new equipment to extend the useful life of the devices they develop. For this reason, the majority of devices developed offer information that may be useful to the user.