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The ultimate list of 30+ Golf Watches and GPS Wearables 2017
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Psst! You want to get better at golf, right?

Investing in high-end technologies and having right kind of GPS golf watch helps you to improve your golf skills and saves you huge amount of time and money. These classy looking watches are products of latest innovations and their automatic course recognization systems gives you highly accurate feedbacks and GPS distances.

This is the most extensive buyer’s guide available on the internet, so, if you are ready to take your golf skill to the next level, keep on reading!


Game Golf LIVE

Game Golf Live is a wearable golf tracker without any screen and it provides real-time statistics and data by capturing your scores and rounds during the game.

But, how come it provides real-time golf statistics without having a screen?

Well, innovation comes into play here…

Game Golf LIVE is literally a smart version of a GPS tracker, it syncs with your smartphone and pushes any update, statistic, and data instantly.

You don’t want to carry your phone in your pocket? That’s fine…  Game Golf has its own cloud-based user platform to save your stats and make it possible for you to review them whenever you want! You can even share your stats and stories with your friends within this huge golfer community.

Places to buy; Amazon | NewEgg



  • Highly accurate club distances
  • Strokes gained feature
  • Can be used as a rangefinder
  • Designed by Yves Behar
  • Used by famous names like Barack Obama, Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood
  • Winner of a 2016 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award
  • Funded by 1445 backers on Indiegogo


  • Buggy Android and IOS applications.
    • Android app may close in the middle of the game
    • IOS app has some sync problems and may follow the game behind.



Garmin Approach S20

Approach S20 is a classy combination of standard golf watch features like yardages and course information

S20 offers auto recognition for more than 40.000 golf courses around the world and its AutoShot feature captures stats of each shot automatically in order to compete with Game Golf Live and lets you analyze them after the round.

It also syncs with Garmin TruSwing for even more accurate and detailed analysis.

Further reading: Garmin TruSwing Golf Club Sensor Review: Where Technology and Golf Meets!


  • Recognizes your course map very quickly with GPS.
  • Long battery time. You can play up to 5 – 7 rounds on single charge
  • Accurate distances
  • Its anti glare screen technology allows you to read the screen easily under the sunlight.
  • Syndication technology pushes any notification, call, mail or text right into your watch from your smartphone. So you don’t even have to carry your phone within your pocket.
  • You can wear it as an everyday watch after deactivating GPS functions.


  • It’s still too new and you may have some trouble to sync it with your IOS and Android devices
  • From time to time, satellite may lose connection to the course map after the round has started.


Garmin Approach X40




X40 is the latest product of legend Approach series.

Approach X40 tracks fitness information and measures your heartbeats from your wrist.

X40 calculates burned calories during your game and takes GPS golf watch industry to a new level.

Read our full Garmin Approach X40 review here



  • Many non-golf related features
  • Very suitable for everyday use
  • Accurate GPS distances
  • Fitness related features like heart beat monitoring and burned calory tracking
  • Fit and smooth design
  • Notification feature for phone calls and messages


  • Buggy Android software kills your phone battery faster. Fortunately, it’s a known bug and Garmin developers are working on that problem to fix it.



Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch


Approach S1 is probably the simplest GPS golf watch of all time and it’ll be a real pleasure for you to use it.

With that wearable, you don’t have to look at your bag, or pull your smartphone out of your pocket to see same golf related metrics. Just raise your arm, and see all the information that you need.

Approach S1 gives you very basic information easily like the back, middle and the front of the green.

Its rubberized cover feels great on your skin and very suitable for everyday use thanks to it minimal and non-flashy design. No one will ever notice this is a golf watch.

Obviously,the biggest downsides are, it has a small screen and you can not keep track of your score during the game. But besides that, Approach S1 is very accurate and loads so quickly and comes with tens of thousands pre-loaded golf courses. Also, you don’t need to buy a subscription and pay a fee to upgrade your software.

Approach S1 recognizes your course very quickly without any difficulty in terms of software lag and bug. So, while you walk, you can see the yardages changing.

It also can be used to discover the shot distance. Just push a button, take your shot, walk and push the button again!

So, it’s that easy to use Approach S1!


  • Free software and course updates
  • Easy to use and understand, so it’s recommended for beginners
  • Looks like a regular sports watch
  • Very easy to set-up. Just pick it up out of the box, charge and use whenever you want!


  • Low battery duration. It has to be charged fully before each round.
  • You can not keep track of your score

Places to buy; Discontinued


Garmin Approach S2

garmin-approach-golf-gps-watch garmin-approach-s2-golf-watch

Approach S2 offers you a lot of information and features during your round.

Before you play your game of golf, you must wait until the device acquires satellite signals. To do that, press the menu button and select “Start Round”. Generally, it takes between 20 to 60 seconds for your Approach S2 to acquire round map from the satellite.

You can then select the course from the list that appears  by pressing the arrow button on the right-hand side.

Just pick your desired course and the Approach S2 will automatically load all essential information regarding the course.

Thanks to its accurate GPS, S2’s hole view shows you the current hole you play and automatically transitions when you move to another hole.

Garmin’s Approach S2 golf watch comes preloaded with over 30.000 worldwide courses right out of the box and no subscription fees to update the maps later on.

It also gives you distances to the front, middle and the back of the green as well as the doglegs and layups. You can even mark shots and keep score of your round and save them to review the round later.

Approach S2 comes in 3 different colors; Black/Red, White/Purple and all white with a little bit of gray around the screen.

With the approach S2, you don’t have to slow down your game. Anywhere on the course, with a quick glance, you always know, where are you and how far away the next show is.



  • Very easy to use,beginner friendly.
  • Offers anything you can possibly need from a GPS golf watch


  • Lacks of online community and portal
  • Slightly more expensive than its competitors


Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

garmin-approach-s3-gps-watch-with-accurate-distance golfer-wearing-a-s3-golf-watch

It’s a very easy to use wearable just like any other Garmin device and has basic features like layups and front, back and middle of the green.

One of the best features of the Approach S3 is the ability to show the green. Thanks to its sensitive touch screen, you can move the flag on the green and S3 calculates distances according to the new flag position.

All you need to do is to open and touch on the start a new round button. Then Approach S3 connects to satellite and downloads course map.



  • Touch screen
  • Looks like a regular daily watch and suitable for everyday use
  • Green View feature
  • Accurate distance measurement


  • Short battery life
  • Maps have to be downloaded manually


Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch – Black

garmin approachs s4 golf watch with gps distance

Getting started with Garmin’s Approach s4 is really easy. Just press the menu button, select a new round, chose your golf course from the huge list. It may take 30 to 60 seconds to acquire a satellite signal.

Approach S4 comes pre-loaded with 30.000+ golf courses all around the world.

Main screen displays the current hole you’re playing, with many additional features such as; par for that hole, distance to the front, back and the middle of the green and the current hole number.

During any hole, select the green icon to view the green and then you can even drag the flag to set the pin location. At any time you can measure the distance of a shot by clicking on the measurement icon and walking to your golf ball.


Something unique to the Garmin’s Approach S4 is the ability to track your stats. From the hole view screen, select the scorecard icon. There you can enter the number of strokes taken, the number of puts taken and fairways hit.

Select the up arrow if your shot landed in the fairway, select the right o left arrows to indicate where your show missed.


  • Approach S4 GPS watch provides you with all the distances, statistics and courses you need


  • You may lose the data if you upgrade your Mac OS to El Capitan. There’re some user comments on the internet about that.



Zepp Golf 2

zepp golf swing analyzer golf wearable

a man wearing zepp golf 2 on glove

It’s pretty simple to set-up Zepp Golf 2 and get started. When you open the box, you’ll find very useful and simple guidance. First thing to do is to download Zepp’s IOS or Android application. In the app you’ll see all the required instructions and device features.

Once you turn on your device, it will sync with the application automatically and will help you to calibrate the device for highest accuracy.

Having the ability to measure your swings is invaluable for any golfers, especially newbies.

Understanding what’s your swing dynamic typically is, and understanding how you can address it in terms of range. Based on these valuable and 3D data, you can review your course after the game and make corrections and improve your game.

Read our full Zepp Golf 2 Review here.



  • Slightly cheaper than other GPS golf watches and has more features and offers more data in high accuracy.
  • Analyze your swings in 3D.
  • Huge user base and community


  • The Android application may not work on some Android devices. So make sure before purchasing that it works on your device.
  • Some users have complaints about the swing speed accuracy.



Garmin Approach S6

garmin approach s6 gps distance watch garmin approach s6 golf watch Garmin-Approach-S6-02


Approach S6 is the flagship of the Garmin S series. It comes with 30.000 preloaded courses worldwide, best part is, just like any other Garmin golf wearable, there’re no any membership and upgrade fees, you buy it and you own it!

It has a lot of cool features too, like color touch screen, green view, zoom-in / zoom-out on the course, keep track of your scores.

There are number of different ways to keep score using your Approach S6 Golf watch. To enable handicap scoring on your device, select the scorecard button on the bottom right. Then select setup scoring in the menu and scroll down to the handicap scoring option.


  • Color touch screen
  • Free of additional charge
  • Any feature you can need from a golf watch.
  • Great looking and modern design


  • Some users experience bugs and crashes while keeping the score
  • The screen is not that colored, sharp and vivid like you saw in the ad pictures.



Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

callaway-golf-watch  Callaway-GPSy-Golf-GPS-Watch-green


Callaway GPSy golf watch is actually a part of IZZO brand. In order to increase the sales of the Callaway GPSy, IZZO stopped upgrading its Swami watch series.

Callaway GPSy comes in 2 colors, full black and the pretty combination of gray/green/white.



  • Stylish enough to wear daily
  • Pre-loaded with more than 30.000 golf courses around the world
  • Precise distances to the front, middle and the back of the green. Even accurate yardages to the front and back of the hazards.
  • Receive texts, incoming calls and any other important notifications by syncing it with your smartphone.
  • Standard watch functions like date, digital and analog time.
  • Ability to keep score of the round


  • Pricey  for the decent features
  • Users experience less battery time than what they advertise


TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch


The TomTom Golfer 2 GPS watch provides precise yardages to hazards, layups and greens. Comes preloaded with 40,000 international golf courses. The accurate GPS distances provided by your watch, ensures that you will know every inch of the course you play.

We can call Golfer 2 the company’s first golf specific GPS watch. TomTom Golfer 2 has a premium design with aliminum details.



  • Very easy to set up and get started
  • Huge golf course database. They literally didn’t leave any map behind.


  • You can keep track of your scores but there’s no in-device statistics
  • In order to keep up with the marketplace and its competitors, TomTom rushed to release it without any proper testing. So some minor app bugs are common.



Garmin TruSwing



In order to get advanced analytics about your round, pair Truswing with your smartphone and open the Garmin Connect mobile application, select you club and take your shot. Now you can see the 3D animation of your swing.

It’s one of the few swing analyzers that allows you to receive and review your feedback, almost instantly.


  • Pair with Approach S4, S5, S6, S20 and get much more metrics about your round
  • Measures your face angle to target, club head tempo, club head speed, shaft lean, shaft angle and dynamic loft.
  • You can receive the data right into your Garmin GPS watch or download it to your smartphone to review later.
  • See your swing in 3D, compare with past swings and improve your swing consistency
  • Track trends
  • Share and compare your statistics with the Garmin community and golf buddies


  • Accuracy problems



Microsoft Band 2

microsoft band 2 golf watch review microsoft-band-2-golf

Improve your game with shot tracking, range finding and in-depth analytics. Microsoft partnered up with TaylorMade and released the Microsoft Band 2 Golf Edition.

Start by finding new course in the Microsoft Band App and sync that course with your band 2. Then put your phone away and focus on your game, free from distraction! Everything you need is in the band.

The Microsoft Band 2 will automatically detect what hole you’re on. Pressing the action button anytime during the round, will give you the yardage to the front, center and back of the green.

While you play your round, each shot is detected by the automatic score keeping feature. The Band 2 even can detect the difference between shot and practicing. So there’s no need to alter your pre-shot routine. Simply swipe the screen to the left if you need to add a stroke, or swipe to the right to remove a stroke. Also, you can even pause your game any time to change hole or see the score by double clicking on the action button.

Want even more features from Band 2?

After the round, press the action button twice and swipe to the left and click on “end round”

This will give you a scoring summary, time of play, total steps taken and burned calories.

Now your round is over. Open up the Microsoft’s mobile health application. Your round information will sync automatically and there you can find full data about your round and game performance.

Even further and in-depth analysis, you can sign up to TaylorMade’s MyRound Pro for more detail about your game. In the near future, MyRoundPro will analyze your statistics in detail, including strokes gained, proximity to the hole and classic statistics. All developed to help you to adapt and improve your game.


  • You can use it in any sports like running, hiking, biking, and of course golf.
  • It’s a product of Microsoft technology and 30 years of experience of TaylorMade
  • Works on Android and IOS phones too, so  you don’t need a  Microsoft phone.


  • Relatively small screen
  • Has some mechanical problems.
  • Very sensitive.



Bushnell NEO XS




  • Created for entry level golf players
  • Reasonably cheaper than its competitors
  • Huge course database all over the world
  • Feels comfortable and easy to read and suitable for everyday use


  • You can’t keep track of your score and statistics
  • Software and course updating is a huge pain
  • Some courses have accuracy problems



GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Watch

GolfBuddy-WT4-GPS-Watch-review GolfBuddy-WT4-GPS-Watch



  • Super competitive pricing
  • Easy to setup and get started


  • Retro design
  • Poor engineering.  The buttons extends to the left and right as you swing
  • Charging plug will trouble you all the time. (See the user reviews on Amazon.)



GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch


GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch screenshots

Click to enlarge


  • Great choice for daily use
  • Pin placement and dynamic green view
  • Targets and hazards
  • Sunrise and sunset time
  • Ability to keep score with digital scorecard
  • Decent accuracy


  • Very sensitive and problem charge cable



Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch review


  • Regular, sports watch looking
  • Great GPS and high accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Gives distances to the front, middle and back of the green and you don’t even need a smartphone
  • Reasonable price
  • Acquires courses and holes very quickly and automatically.


  • Still, lacks some golf courses around the world. Make sure that it has your favorite course in its database before purchasing.



Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System, GPS + Shot Tracking + Tour Analytics

Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System, GPS + Shot Tracking + Tour Analytics Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System review


  • Very easy to setup and get started
  • Syncs with Apple Watch, IOS and Android devices
  • It has any feature you can expect from a golf device and you won’t need anything except a smartphone or Apple Watch


  • Battery problems
  • Will drain your smartphone’s battery very fast if you sync them. That might be an application bug



Skygolf Skycaddie Linx Gps Watches

Skygolf Skycaddie Linx Gps Watches features

Click to enlarge

Skygolf Skycaddie Linx Gps Watches review

Click to enlarge



  • Intelligreen Technology
  • Measaure shot distance
  • Digital Scoring
  • Fairway targets
  • Multi-sport features
  • Smartphone notifications


  • Has relatively high ($19,95) annual fees if you want PRO features



GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS

GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS review GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS


  • GPS acquires the course automatically in 60 – 120 seconds
  • Detects the next hole very fast.
  • Accurate distances to the front, middle and the back of the green.


  • Minor accuracy problems on some courses
  • Has short battery life and you may need to replace the battery about every two months.
  • GPS may not work for some courses, even though it’s in the database.



GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPS/Rangefinder Watch

GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPSRangefinder Watch features GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPSRangefinder Watch


  • Cheap
  • Has all basic features like shot yardage, green yardage and score keeping


  • Not waterproof. it may not look like much, but, in the hot weathers or when you get sweat, it’ll be moisturized.
  • Guarantee time is 3 months



GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch

GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch review

GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch features

Click to enlarge


  • Full function touch screen with voice control
  • Pin placement module
  • Dynamic Green View
  • GPS tracking (Time and distance)
  • No annual membership and software update fees
  • Distance to front, middle and back of  the green
  • Target information
  • Score tracking module
  • Comes pre-loaded with 36,000 golf courses globally
  • Detachable from wristband and comes with a belt clip


  • Battery is a huge problem just like other GolfBuddy products



Motorola MOTOACTV 16GB Golf Edition GPS Watch

motoactv-golf-edition-review motorola-motoactv-golf-edition-pros-and-cons

Motorola MotoACTV is an all-in-one fitness tracker which can be used in any sport activities such as walking, running and cycling. Motorola has now joined hot and growing golf wearables industry by upgrading this existing MOTOACTV GPS watch.

MotoActv has some distinguishing features like the ability to play mp3 files.  Also, its fancy looking design makes it possible to use it daily.

Motorola’s years of experience in design and engineering shows itself here. MotoActv’s ultra sharp and responsive screen makes a lot easier to control and use the device.



  • Remarkable design will catch a lot of eyes.
  • Golf edition is only one of many functionalities, so it can be useful in any sport.
  • Extraordinary, 16 GB harddisk
  • Tons of non-golf related features
  • You can access golf course database without any additional fee or subscription
  • High-quality design and engineering
  • Provides hazard information together with front, back and center distances.



  • The biggest caveat is battery life. It runs out of battery in 5 – 7 hours. But it can be increased by turning off some functions and updates.
  • Golf courses are not pre-installed. You have to download them manually and install to the gadget, which can be a pain if you’re not much tech-savvy.
  • Hazard distances and views might confuse you if you’re not familiar with the course.
  • MotoActv relies on third party course maps that created by other device users. That leaves a huge question mark behind about the course map accuracy.




IZZO Swami Watch Golf GPS


Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge








If you are just starting out to play golf or looking for a cheaper alternative than Zepp or Garmin series, Izzo Swami might be a great fit for you with its affordable price and high-end technology.

It may not be the best looking GPS golf watch available but comes with 28.000 golf courses with no annual subscription and it’s pretty easy to use. Just charge it when you open the box and you’re ready to go!

Izzo Swami’s auto course recognization technology saves you great amount of time by detecting your coordinates via GPS and allows you to download new courses from with no additional fee.

It also has standard watch functions like alarm, time and date. Thanks to its decent looking shape and color, it’s also quite suitable for daily use.


  • One of the lowest price golf watches available
  • No recurring annual or monthly fees and free access to software updates
  • Very easy to keep score during a round


  • Izzo Swami has no hazard information, unlike any other GPS golf watch.
  • Has mapping errors for some courses, which is a fatal mistake
  • User interface could have been better.
  • Old-fashined looking
  • You must have a Windows PC, because it doesn’t support MAC or Linux.



Ojee Talon

Ojee talon golf

Whatever your golf level is, any golfer needs a decent stance, set-up and addressing skills.

This tiny wearable attaches to the top of your club and gives you real time, visualised feedback on your angles of address.

Talon literally takes the guess work out and lets you adjust your position before you take your shot.

What we feel and what is real can be very different, particularly when it comes to the set-up. The Ojee Talon takes out all the guesswork and provides players with instant and accurate feedback, An affordable training aid that guarantees greater consistency in set-up and swing. Top European PGA Golf Coach Kevin Craggs (@kevincraggsgolf)


Hole 19

Hole 19 Golf Apphole19-golf-watch

Maybe it’s not exactly a wearable but it certainly has its place in this roundup. Because Hole 19 converts your Apple or Android smart watches into a GPS golf wearable.

It comes with 39.000+ pre-loaded golf courses all around the world with highly accurate GPS distances.

Also, Hole 19’s very own golf community lets you connect with like-minded golfers, make new friends and share your golf photos, roundups and stories

If you need more than basic features like tracking, performance statistics and scorecards, you can upgrade your application with in-app purchases and access premium features like; notes, advanced statistics, highlights, club statistics, trend line and course discovery.

Available on; Android Play and iTunes



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