Google removes 2 billion URLs from SERPs

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Google has announced that it has removed more than 2 billion URLs and 1 billion websites from their search engine results page due to copyright infringement in line with its clean and secure internet policy.

Since May 2014, Google has received a lot of calls from the European Union to remove some of the search engine results. The search engine removed URLs from the search results for close to 2 million URLs to comply with the EU rules and regulations, but also removed URLs for copyright since 2011. With the it posted .

According to Transparency Report announced yesterday, they have removed more than 1 billion websites and 2.1 billion URLs from the search engine in total from 2011 through the last report published by Google. The vast majority of URLs removed were pirated sites and torrent providers that allowed internet users to download content without paying any fees.


Most Interesting Requests Came from US Gov

From the White House to the US Department of Justice, Google has reviewed every removal request it received and decided whether to remove the URL or not.

Netflix, NASA, BBC, and The New York Times Web sites claimed many copyright infringement and requested a removal. But Google reportedly said they did not take any action in response to the request, thinking that these requests did not reflect reality and many of these requests were basically censorship.

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