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Top 5 BEST Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Top 5 BEST Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
Top 5 BEST Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Testing many wireless headphones over the year and using more than 40 different headphones myself, I’m a quite huge fan of these active voice canceling wireless headphones. They actually don’t get rid of any sound around you, but each one of them does a great job blocking most of the outside world. ¹

So let’s get started with the cheapest and best-looking headphone of the list;

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1. Parrot Zik 2.0

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I can’t help falling in love with how the Parrot Zik 2.0 look.  Not only its minimalist design makes it unique, but you can feel the high-quality material used. Very smooth polish metal and leather just feel absolutely great in your hands.

Its noise canceling ability is pretty close to Bose QC35, which is awesome. If you download its Android or IOS application, you also do have the option to turn on or turn off the noise canceling level and there are also other options offered by the app such as different sound profiles and NFC.

Its audio performance is very well and good enough for almost everyone to enjoy your favorite music in high quality. The only caveat is the battery is not that powerful and it offers 7 hours of listening. But its batteries can be easily changed, so you can turn this negativity into a positive thing by buying a pair of batteries.

The main reason we’ve included this headphone in our list is because Parrot offers premium design and hardware much more cheaper than its alternatives.

Places to buy; Amazon, eBay, NewEgg

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2. Sennheiser Wireless Momentum 2.0

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Top bass boosted noise-canceling wireless headphones, perfect for Pop, R&B, and HipHop music. Sennheiser offers very loud sound performance, amazing battery life at over 22 hours of use and a timeless modern-looking design.

You can’t actually turn off the active noise canceling with these but after testing some new headphones lately many other headphones now perform better at active voice canceling than this wireless momentum. It’s super durable, light and feels great on your head. Sometimes you can even forget that you’re wearing a wireless headset.

It’s one of the most expensive headphones in that list though

Places to buy; Amazon, eBay, NewEgg

3. Sennheiser PXC 550

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We have another Sennheiser in our list. PXC 550 specifically made for travelers, it’s super lightweight, very comfortable to wear as well and looks very great.

The device has touch controller on the side and the panel is much more responsive than the Parrot Zik 2.0. With this touch control panel, you don’t have to pull out the phone out of your pocket every time you need to change the song or adjust the volume, that feature also makes the PXC 550 great for sport and fitness.

The best feature of the Sennheiser PXC 550 is when you lift off either ear cup or take off the headphone all together, it pauses the music and will resume again once you wear it back. Love it!

Active voice canceling also works great on this headphone too, it almost as good as the Bose models and you can turn on or off that feature right from the touch panel on the side.

Places to buy; Amazon

2. Bose QC35

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It’s one of the bests I’ve ever used and #1 in that active voice canceling headphones list. If being comfortable during listening to music, Bose QC35 is your best way to go. It’s durable, has long battery time and the audio quality is phenomenal.

There’s no way to turn off the active voice canceling feature when you don’t want to block the outside world. It also a little bit heavier than the other options listed above and its might make you feel like you’re in a plain.

Unlike others, Bose doesn’t offer tons of features like auto music pause/resume, mobile phone applications or touch control panels on the side. But again on the flipside, it’s one of the most comfortable wireless headphones that offers top quality voice canceling. When you’re wearing that, you’re guaranteed to not hear any sound from the outside world.

Places to buy; Amazon, eBay, NewEgg

1. Sony MDR-1000x

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It’s the best one in our list. If you want ultimate comfort and voice canceling, get this particular model because you won’t regret it. It’s Sony’s flagship model and this series offers Sennheiser level comfort.

It’s a little bit more expensive than the Bose QC35 model and you get slightly better sound, battery, bass, music performance and active noise canceling, not much, but worth to pay a bit more. Even though as not detailed as Parrot Zik 2.0, it offers a few sound profiles and can be switched easily using the buttons on the right side.  

On the right side again, it has a motion sensor, when you cover it with your hand, it deactivates the voice canceling system so you can fully hear what’s going on around you without being have to take it off. Like PXC 550, its super sensitive touch control panel offers quick control and adjustment and strong battery offers hours of use.

Places to buy; Amazon, eBay, NewEgg

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