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Google removes 2 billion URLs from SERPs

Google has announced that it has removed more than 2 billion URLs and 1 billion websites from their search engine results page due to copyright infringement in line with its clean and secure internet policy.

Since May 2014, Google has received a lot of calls from the European Union to remove some of the search engine results. The search engine removed URLs from the search results for close to 2 million URLs to comply with the EU rules and regulations, but also removed URLs for copyright since 2011. With the it posted .

According to Transparency Report announced yesterday, they have removed more than 1 billion websites and 2.1 billion URLs from the search engine in total [...]

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Read the fun facts directly on the search results page

Google announced today that it will show “fun facts” about the searches you’ve made directly on the front page.

The new function will work on every type of search including web and mobile, but for now, it seems like it only supports the English terms. When you renew the page, each time you will get a new information about the same topic.

We need to point out that it’s probably in the beta at the moment and the function is not as good as you might expect. For example, searches such as “Google fun facts” and “Android fun facts” show only the site preview. It seems that your search term needs to be very general for the [...]

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Skype’s new tough rival; Amazon Chime

Amazon has launched the Chime, which aims to be a rival to video chat tools like Skype and Google Hangouts.

Chime, offered by Amazon Web Services, is a video conferencing service that targets enterprise customers. Working on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, Chime allows you to quickly create  meetings, make VoIP and video calls over the Internet, and offer instant messaging and screen sharing. The basic version of Chime, called “Basic Edition,” allows two people to chat, search, or talk with video for free.

Plus Edition features Active Directory management, 1GB messaging space per user, and the ability to add email addresss  at $ 2.50 per month. Pro Edition [...]

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Saving Netflix Videos to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture

When you’re browsing through the library of video content on Netflix it can seem as though it is almost endless. With countless blockbuster movies, TV shows and even its fair share of exclusive content, Netflix will ensure that you always have something to watch whenever you want.


The only exception to that rule is the fact that if you’re offline you won’t be able to access and watch any Netflix videos due to the fact that they are streamed. Although that is ‘normal’, the fact that you can’t download and save videos to watch them later when you’re offline can be a bit inconvenient.


Instead of simply accepting that status quo however, with [...]

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