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AWS explained that a single typo was the reason for service interruption

Amazon Web Services (AWS) finally made a statement explaining the service interruption that affected a significant portion of Internet earlier this week. AWS blamed the engineering team and claimed that the problem originated from a single typo ¹ ².

AWS’s popular web hosting service has become inaccessible for more than 4 hours on Friday because of the power shortage experienced on its S3 servers. The sites affected by the disruption includes Quora, Trello, IFTTT, Business Insider, Medium, Uber, and Grammarly, to name a few. The problem was not limited to websites only; The AWS downtime also caused an interruption for IFTTT applets, according to reports from [...]

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Gmail has increased the e-mail attachment limit to 50MB

Google’s email service Gmail today announced that it has increased the email attachment limit to 50MB from 25MB. From now on, all users will be able to send or receive up to 50MB files or documents through e-mail attachments.

Gmail users are now able to use Gmail instead of Cloud alternatives like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Wetransfer for high sized files. The only caveat comes with the update is the receiver should also be using Gmail, because other e-mail clients generally do not allow such large e-mail to be received or sent

This update will cover all G Suite users, ie anyone using Gmail. Google also stated that the update process is expected to be completed in [...]

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Blockchain Comes of Age

“Bitcoin Chain IMG_9179” (CC BY 2.0) by btckeychain

2017 looks to be peak season for blockchain, the technology innovation behind Bitcoin that makes digital currency transactions a reliably safe bet. Bitcoin transactions in 2016 accounted for over $200,000 US per day, and business confidence in the security of digital currencies as a whole is clearly growing.

So much so, that the Bitcoin platform has begun to attract the attention of prominent names in the iGaming industry – a sector where internet security gets taken very seriously indeed.

Vegas Casino is one such casino website that deals exclusively in Bitcoin. A sign-up bonus of 1000 free [...]

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Google removes 2 billion URLs from SERPs

Google has announced that it has removed more than 2 billion URLs and 1 billion websites from their search engine results page due to copyright infringement in line with its clean and secure internet policy.

Since May 2014, Google has received a lot of calls from the European Union to remove some of the search engine results. The search engine removed URLs from the search results for close to 2 million URLs to comply with the EU rules and regulations, but also removed URLs for copyright since 2011. With the it posted .

According to Transparency Report announced yesterday, they have removed more than 1 billion websites and 2.1 billion URLs from the search engine in total [...]

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