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[Deal of the Day] Kindle Unlimited Reading 25% Off
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[Deal of the Day] Kindle Unlimited Reading 25% Off

If you’re a hardcore reader who loves digital reading experience, there’s a nice 25% discount on Kindle Unlimited Reading, which saves a lot.


Check the deal page on Amazon

Here’re few things that you can do with the Kindle Unlimited;


The unlimited version of the Kindle is launched in 2014 and it contains more than 1.5 million books right now that you can freely read without paying any extra subscription or download fees. If you’re an avid reader and want to read with your Kindle everywhere, it’s a must to have that unlimited edition.

Check the full list of books that you can read with Kindle Unlimited.

As you might already know, Amazon also owns the and you’ll have access to the Audible’s audio book database which covers tens of thousands of popular books in almost any category.

You can just use both Kindle and Audible on any IOS and Android device that Kindle app can be installed. So, purchasing the Kindle e-book reader is not a requirement.

Almost every book you want can be accessed for free, giving a whole new dimension to your reading habits. So there will be no obstacles in front of you to start reading another book.

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The only sad part about the service is that the discount is currently available only within US borders. If you are from another country, you either subscribe with the regular price, which is 59,64 for 6 months, or have a friend from US place the order on behalf of you.

Read popular magazines with kindle unlimited

Browse Magazines with Kindle Unlimited

Browse this month’s popular magazines, however, full magazine access may require an additional purchase or subscription. PS: This 12 months Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription can also be delivered as a gift to your beloved ones. So, if you know a book lover, it might be a nice Christmas gift.


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