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Lenovo Legion Y720 Review – A Powerful Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion y720 review

Lenovo Legion Y series are popular among the gamers who are looking for a gaming laptop that can fulfill their needs and elevate their gaming experience to a whole new level, and the Lenovo Legion Y720 is one of them!

In this article, I’m going to make a detailed overview of the Lenovo Legion Y720, a VR-ready laptop that integrates exclusive hardware and spectacular design which make it a must-have for every gamer who wants to play games with a stable fps rate.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Design

From a design perspective, the Y720 measures 10.91-inches in height, 1.14-inches in width, 14.96 inches in length and weighs around 7 pounds which means that it isn’t that lightweight, but still, you can handle it without any noticeable effort.

This model comes in a black-and-red color combo that accents its gaming purpose, so from the moment you place it on your desk, you will already know what you’re going to expect from it.

The chassis looks really aggressive due to the fact that it employs an aluminum and plastic construction which is accompanied by a brushed cross-hatch pattern that gives it a carbon fiber-like appearance.

At the center, you can see the red Y-logo, while at the bottom, on the left and right side, there are exhaust vents finished in red. So, when you see the laptop from above, it looks wonderful indeed.

The connectivities include 3 USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, an audio-microphone combo jack, an RJ45 Lan port, a display port, a built-in camera and a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port that can transfer data as fast as 40 gigabytes per second. The integrated web camera that is positioned on the top of the screen and the built-in mic is useful but aren’t that surprising, since almost any laptop has them.

Before we move to the next section, I want to inform you that the Y720 has an integrated Xbox One wireless controller support, but unfortunately, you won’t find any included controller in the package, so you should buy one additionally.

When you open the lid, you will immediately notice the sleek surface that houses an RGB keyboard and a touchpad that has a red border around it.

But let’s first talk about the keyboard. I really like the fact that the Lenovo’s keyboard is multicolor, programmable and backlit, so you can either have the standard red backlight or customize the lighting by using the Lenovo’s Nerve Sense application.

In addition, the keyboard is comfortable, feels soft under your fingertips and the most important part – it doesn’t require a heavy actuation press to register your taps.

This is very important during your gameplay because you would have to press multiple keys at once, and if they are not registered properly, then you would have some troubles in winning the match.

The touchpad’s surface is very smooth and has an excellent gesture recognition, but as you already know, using the touchpad for gaming purposes is not very adequate.

That’s why I would suggest you use your external gaming mouse because they have a high DPI and are a lot more responsive when you compare them with a regular touchpad.
For everything else, except gaming, the touchpad does its job perfectly fine such as web surfing, opening docs, and similar stuff.

But now, let’s move to the next section and start talking about the laptop’s features and performance.

The Performance

The Lenovo Y720 includes an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and Nvidia GTX 1060-GB with 6 GB which make it suitable for midrange gaming with a stable fps rate of up to 60 fps as I’ve previously mentioned.

The specs of the Lenovo Legion Y720 are fantastic for the price you’re paying, and when we add the graphic cards VR ability, everything combined guarantees long and flawless gaming sessions!

Another great thing about this laptop is it’s 15.6-inch IPS LED-backlit Full HD screen that is covered with an anti-glare layer with the intention to reduce the glares to the minimum and make your gameplay smooth and enjoyable.

Since it is IPS instead of TN, you would be able to see well-defined visuals and consistent color reproduction even if you view from wide viewing angles.

Those who have already purchased this laptop claim that all of the games that they had been playing were looking exceptionally good and didn’t notice any color shift.

So, for now, I simply can’t find any remarks regarding the screen and the hardware.

I would also like to inform you that the laptop will not overheat even if you’ve been gaming for a prolonged period of time thanks to the improved and innovative thermal design.

The dual metal fans and the rear air vents are incredibly effective in releasing the heat and protecting the internal hardware components.

The fan’s noise level isn’t that high under heavy load as well. I don’t want to say that the noise doesn’t exist, but it is not that high to interrupt your comfort.

If you notice any heat, then I’d recommend you use the Lenovo Nerve Sense which has an extreme cooling option for your fans, so you literally shouldn’t worry about anything.

But what did surprise me, is the audio quality that doesn’t come often come together with the laptops regardless if they are gaming or not.

Lenovo included dual 2-watt JBL speakers and a 3W Dolby Atmos woofer which are exceptionally powerful, and I think that they will definitely enrich your gaming and movie watching experience.

You can take an advantage of the Dolby Atmos software as well since it will let you choose between many sound profiles which were specifically designed for gaming, music and movies.

Therefore, I really doubt that you would have to use external speakers or headphones, but either way, I personally use headphones for gaming regardless of how quality the laptop’s speakers are.

The Battery

The battery life is expected to last for about 5 hours of gaming which isn’t that great in my opinion, but this shouldn’t be a real issue since most of the gamers always have their laptop plugged to a charger.


To conclude, I think that the Lenovo Y720 would be a top option for every gaming fanatic after everything that I presented, so you should seriously consider it as your next purchase because it has everything necessary to let you play many games and give you an access to the world of Virtual Reality.