LG G6 Lite Emerged at Geekbench

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A leak that emerged today shows that LG G6 is not the only smartphone that will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress. Here are the details about the LG G6 Lite.

At the Mobile World Congress, which will take place in approximately 10 days, all attention will be given to the LG stand. South Korean technology giant LG G6 will be announced at Mobile World Congress for the first time. Along with this, it appeared that LG will introduce another model. The model that appeared in Geekbench is the LG G6 Lite.

We have already encountered various leaks and rumors about the LG G6 Lite. Some people claimed that this model could be sold under different names for regions. For example, in Europe, a model offered for sale as the LG G6 Lite will be replaced with a small change in the US under the LG G6 Compact name.

Of course, all of them could not go beyond empty rumors. But yesterday, two different LG phones emerged in the Geekbench test, reinforcing the rumors of the LG G6 Lite. You can take a look at the resulting Geekbench list below.

The general opinion is that one of these phones might be the LG G6 Lite or the LG G6 Compact. The other model is thought to be a different LG G6 variation with 6GB RAM support.


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