LG continues to make statements and release new informations on its new flagship model G6

As you will remember, LG G6’s prototype photos and render images have been leaked by an employee and the pictures confirmed that the new device will feature dual camera, finger print sensor at the back and USB Type-C port at the bottom.

Now the latest rumors say that LG is going to use a new 32-bit Quad DAC chip for the G6 model.

The new chip offers much better balanced audio performance combined with the ability to control left and right channels separately. Another great feature of the new DAC is that it reduces the noise in the sound seriously.

This module, which combines four DACs on a single chip, was first used in the LG V20. Now, with the LG G6, a better Quad DAC chip will emerge. Let’s see how the new LG G6 smartphone, expected to be announced in MCW 2017, will offer a sound experience.