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Save 43% On That Logitech Smart Home Device
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Save 43% On That Logitech Smart Home Device

With the help of various technologies, we brought the future to our homes by voice controlling this and remote controlling that. But it seems like Logitech is pushing the boundaries by literally making ANY electronic device remote controllable and even connecting them together.

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Okay, let’s talk some numbers. We’re not BSing or overrating anything, The Logitech Harmony supports a whopping 270.000 devices from more than 2500 brands. That means you can connect together any gadget or entertainment system in your home like PS, Xbox One, Roku, Wii, Amazon Alexa etc and not to mention the ability to update these connected devices automatically to the latest version, just so you can keep being lazy.

We must admit that being have to keep the remote control device around you all the time is kind of lame, but, this is where things get excited! Fortunately, Amazon Echo is one of those 270K supported devices. So instead of using the Harmony Hub and pushing the buttons, you just can say the word out and take your home’s remote controlling to the next level thanks to the Amazon Echo.

In case you don’t have the Amazon smart home devices and not planning to get one, it’s also worth to mention that Logitech Harmony also has a cool app that you can install on your IOS/Android device and turn your phone into a remote controlling device. Using the app has its own extra advantages of course, for example, every member of the family can install the app and create customized gestures and favorite channels for an even faster access and control.

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