Despite a short period of time after Apple released its latest security update, security research and software company MalwareByte discovered a malicious software that was impacting MacOS.
It is said that 2017 did not start very well for MacOS users. Because after 2017, a malicious software was discovered that followed the new MacOS update in less than a month!
MacOS, the operating system that Apple identifies as the most secured OS for personal computers ever, has been exposed to a situation that could knock its secure image over the past few days. The discovered virus uses a security flaw in the MacOS and can do all the spying activities you can imagine. So, do not always keep a trace of these records that you do not need, your private records in your operating system can be accessed without your permission.


The virus that discovered by the MalwareByte is pretty unique when you consider its abilities, features and capabilities.
MalwareByte is considered to be the lowest type, considering the discovered features, features and capabilities of MalwareByte. While collecting data about computers connected to Linux and MacOS, and even making changes on them, this virus is a danger to the MacOS operating system and its users. In order to avoid vulnerabilities and security flaws, Apple quickly released a security update. If you are a MacOS user, we recommend that you check your version and update to the latest one.